Corridors of power:Role Fred Gumo in the rebellion rocking ODM


Former politician Fred Gumo .photo Elkana Jacob

So what is the role of ex-Cabinet minister Fred Gumo , once a key ally of Cord leader Raila Odinga , in the rebellion rocking ODM? Sources whisper to Corridors Gumo is the new power broker in Jubilee who is coordinating all aspects of the defections. Gumo was present in Busia when Funyula MP Paul Otuoma resigned as ODM vice chair. On Wednesday, he accompanied New Ford Kenya leaders to State House where they met President Uhuru Kenyatta , who praised their decision to merge with the new Jubilee Party. It remains unclear as yet, though, how the man known as ‘Kaa Ngumu’ for his bare-knuckle politics is benefiting from the arrangement.

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Senator John F Kennedy warned in 1959 that television could be “abused by demagogues, by appeals to emotion and prejudice and ignorance”. He also believed, however, that television’s “net effect can definitely be for the better.” A vocal governor in Mt Kenya region has now taken the first part of JFK’s sentiments literally and is planning to close down a vernacular TV station, accusing the outlet of being exploited and abused by his opponents. The governor, who does not see eye-to-eye with his senator and MPs who supposedly are scheming to wrest his office from him, has had sleepless nights. He is now directing his fury at the station for advancing the agenda of rivals keen to topple him from his powerful perch. The county boss has recently been accused by his competitors of spending huge amounts of money, but residents have yet to see tangible development.


Recently we told you of the unexplained role of television analyst David Makali and the ODM rebels. Well, Corridors has learnt that the man, who is also a communications consultant, is going into politics. He has asked the IEBC top brass not to renew his consultancy if it could be perceived as a conflict of interest. His letter has already been delivered to I EBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba . It’s unclear, however, what seat Makali could be eyeing. He tried his hand in the Bungoma senatorial race and lost to Moses Wetang’ula .


The son of a former President is on a house-buying and construction spree in the country and overseas. After acquiring a building associated with a former minister of the Kanu regime, he has also purchased a building in South Africa. But for the past five months, he has been having a hard time convincing his Kenyan employees to travel and work there. He wants to set up a team he can trust in his new South African home.

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