Luo Nyanza MP Reveals Why He Fears Raila Meetings


Alego Usonga MP Omondi Muluan addresses residents in Boro on Monday / LAMECK BARAZA

An Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) has disclosed that it has reached a point that he fears attending CORDleader Raila Odinga’s political rallies.

Addressing a public meeting in his constituency, Alego Usonga legislator Omondi Muluan stated that rallies by Odinga had become a tall order for him since he had no money to give hecklers.

“I have to walk around with more than Sh200,000 to manage youths in most of Raila’s functions. I have to give them at least Sh200 each. I can’t manage such an amount and Raila is always in functions,” Omondi complained.

He further stated that he feared being booed by Odinga’s supporters if he failed to give them ‘something small’ thus opted to stay away from the meetings completely.

According to the lawmaker, the last time he attended a meeting by the Opposition leader was in early 2015 during the homecoming party of Ugunja legislator Opiyo Wandayi.

Omondi has shunned Odinga’s recent rallies in Nyanza and Western despite most members of the CORD coalition turning up.

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