The long list of Koffi Olomide assault cases


– Popular Congolese musician Koffi Olomide was deported from Kenya on Saturday, July 23, after assaulting one of his female dancers.

– The assault which was caught on video went viral and caused outrage among Kenyans.

– History, however, gives a rather sad description of the Congolese music maestro; that of a wife batter .

Koffi Olomide is not new to controversies. The Congolese musician, who on Saturday was deported from Kenya by authorities after assaulting one of his dancers, has a long list of cases that have seen him in and out of court.

The musician has been accused of having anger issues and many have claimed his arrogance also triggers his abusive nature.

Below are some of Olomide’s controversial cases that have given the artist a negative image.

The long list of Koffi Olomide assault cases

A screengrab from a video showing the Koffi Olomide Kicking one of his female dancers. The video led to outrage with Kenyans calling for his arrest and deportation.

2008 – The Congolese musician was accused of assaulting a photojournalist from a local TV station in Kinshasa who was covering his concert.

2012- Olomide was arrested in August 2012 for assaulting his former music producer, Diego Lubaki, and was handed a three-month suspended prison sentence for the assault.

– In December the same year, the musician was accused of kicking a freelance photo-journalist, Jean Mandela, in the face during a concert in Zambia.

The musician, who was arrested over the incident, was acquited of the assault charges and apologised to the journalist.

The long list of Koffi Olomide assault cases
Congolese musician, Koffi Olomide was deported from Kenya for assaulting his female dancer at JKIA has a long history of assault and alleged rape cases.

2012 – Olomide was arraigned at a French court after three of his former backup dancers filed a case against him over rape and illegal confinement.

The musician denied the charges claiming the women wanted to tarnish his image for monetary gains.

Koffi Olomide is also banned from performing in several countries, especially Africa, as his music performances are said to be too raunchy and explicit.

He is also banned in several European nations due to his assault cases.

Olomide cost a stir upon his arrival in Kenya on Friday, July 22, when he  kicked one of his female dancers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the full glare of cameras and police officers

The incident quickly went viral with many Kenyans taking to social media to condemn his actions and call for his arrest.

On Twitter, he trended for the better part of the day, with calls being made to boycott his shows scheduled for Saturday, July 23, in Nairobi.

It is believed that the dancer had an altercation with Cindy, Koffi’s lover who is also the manager of the band, and the temperamental singer couldn’t hold it when they landed at the JKIA.

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