Whether Koigi Wa Wamwere leads Kenya or not, he will leave a mark, a legacy and a record in Kenya which will be hard to be broken by any other Kenyan. Since he leftUniversity in USA in order to champion a course to change the lives of the common Kenyans, he has spent very few years of enjoyment with his family.  Just like the late President Nelson Mandela, Hon. Koigi Wa Wamwere spent over a decade in detention without trial. He also spent a number of years in exile.

There is one undeniable fact that if  Koigi Wa Wamwere was elevated to the Presidency of Kenya today, there are no doubts, he would positively  transform the Nation within a period of less than two years. Koigi Wa Wamwere is one of the very few Kenyans we have today, who would sacrifice to fight corruption in Kenya and kill it, once and for all. He is one kind of a Kenyan who would not be cowed by anyone or give in to threats of any kind in his war on corruption.

The way I understand what it takes to reform a Nation like Kenya which is supper saturated with high rampant corruption,  effective reforms  must be spearheaded by a reformer. A reformer is someone ready to die for his/her people, his/her Nation. To deal with the deadly cartels in Kenya, a reformer is necessary because he/she if the only brave individual who can wage a war against the cartels.  You cannot challenge and/or deal with the ruthless cartels in Kenya by sweat talking them.

But many Kenyans would challenge Koigi Wa Wamwere saying, ” Koigi Wa Wamwere would have transformed Kenya when he was a Member of Parliament in his constituency in the early 2000″. What Kenyans do not understand is that no matter how brilliant one is, no matter how aggressive one is and no matter how capable one is in leadership skills, it would be a practical impossibility to make any impact as a member of parliament in a country like Kenya which as the former Chief Justice Mutunga put it, “a Nation led by Cartels”.  Any such reformer who is capable of  positively changing Kenya, should be at the steering wheel of the Nation in order to succeed. It is the President of a Nation who decides what direction the Nation takes. The President has to provide direction which others  follow. If the President is corrupt, a coward or is not ready to fight corruption, those behind him or her, can do very little if any to bring positive changes.

Leading a Nation is like leading a home. If in a home with several kids, the father, the mother or both parents develop a tendency of saying “let us forget the past whenever a Kid makes a mistake”, no kid in that particular home will ever be scared to commit any crime or mistake in that home, because they know the answer and the consequences of making a mistake is “let us forget the past”. So, very many mistakes will be committed in that home every day and the home will be in ruins within a very short time. But if one severe action is taken to discipline whichever kid that makes a mistake in that home, that particular discipline, will serve as anexample to all other kids who will thereafter be scared of making similar mistakes. In Kenya today, where two different approaches and enforcement of the laws are adopted, a one second old crime or a one minute old crime committed by those in authority, is always considered to be too old for action and therefore, there has to be an immediate declaration of “Tusahau yaliyapita na Tuendelee Mbele”. Unlike when a common Kenyan commits a crime, in which cases there arises outcries of, “Arrest, Prosecute and Jail him/her”.

I am sure a transparent, aggressive and brave leader like Koigi Wa Wamwere, would overrun the “Tusahau Yaliyopita na Tuendelee Mbele”. And no doubts by doing so, he would set an example which would scare most would be looters of Public funds in Kenya, thus putting Kenya into a motion of positive reforms, and possibly effect a remedy to the many problems affecting Kenyans, within a period of only two years at most.

By Isaac Newton Kinity.


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