Video of woman beating up her husband in Nairobi


– An irate Kenyan woman on Monday, August 29 clobbered her man at a busy alleyway on Nairobi’s Central Business District 

– The woman complained that the man had not been home for a whole weekend and his phone had been switched off 

A crowded alleyway along the Tom Mboya street in Nairobi stood still on the afternoon of Monday, August 29. A couple  had walked into the urine-reeking alley arguing loudly.

Witnesses record that the woman was shouting at the man who was presumed to be her husband. The genesis of the nasty fight was that the man had not been home for two days.

A horrific video of woman beating up her husband in Nairobi

Dorcas Awinja at at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru branch on January 19, 2016. She was assaulted by her man. Image: The Star

The  woman, with her skirts gathered between her legs, shouted at the top of her voice, calling the man unprintable names and accusing him of infecting her with countless venereal diseases.

It was narrated to the spectators that the husband had not come home since Friday, August 26 and his phone had gone off until after the weekend.

In a flowery Kikuyu accent, the woman asked the man what he was expecting the kids to eat on the days went silent and disappeared from their house at Mathare 4A in Eastlands.

A horrific video of woman beating up her husband in Nairobi

A female victim of domestic violence in Kenya

In his defense, the man tried in vain to explain that he had been arrested on his way home and taken to the Central police station before his release that morning.

Watch this video below:

Following the usual protocol, his phone had been taken away as were his shoes and belt.

Recently, a Kenyan woman suffered severed limbs in what was assumed to be a domestic spat gone awry. The woman from Machakos was reportedly assaulted by her husband who also accused her of adultery.

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