Nairobi Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Attacks Mark Zuckerberg

Donald Kipkorir
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Flamboyant Nairobi lawyer Donald Kipkorir has launched a scathing attack that is apparently targeted at Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

On his social media posts, Mr Kipkorir seemed not impressed by Zuckerberg’s display of simplicity through his mode of dressing and decision to have lunch at a not so fancy restaurant in Nairobi.

According to the flashy lawyer, the Facebook CEO’s actions were just a public relations stunt used by rich individuals in the society on the poor.

“Billionaires wear “simple clothes” or once in a while go to a simple fish restaurant, as part of reverse psychology to blindside the poor,” Kipkorir tweeted.

On Friday, Lawyer Kipkorir indicated that  he would not change to conform with the “simple clothes” a style synonymous with the Facebook CEO.

“On a Friday, we dress down in non-lawyer suits. Some may want us to dress in “simple clothes” like that atheist! For those of us that are believers and blessed and never inherited or stolen, we will celebrate our blessings every day. Our God demands that we celebrate our blessings and make our acts of charity private,’” he said.

Zuckerberg landed in Kenya on Thursday and impressed many with the simplicity and humility he demonstrated through his laid back mode of dressing and indulging a meal in a modest food joint.

Billionaires wear “simple clothes” or once in a while go to a simple fish restaurant, as part of reverse psychology to blindside the poor!

  1. James Methu Sr says

    Donald should leave his small change in his pocket; and don’t compare yourself to Zuckerberg you are not on the same level.You can impress the locals with your misguided vane glory.

  2. Steve Kamau says

    Mr Kipkorir,you seems hungry with cheap media publicity about wealth and material stuff…By the way who do you compare with at the world of wealth?Well you have nothing to compare with people with money.Otherwise whats wrong with facebook guy wearing his normal Tshirt style even in US he is exactly the same.But because now you have a quick fix stolen money from Kenyan public you can now challenge people who have worked way up honestly.You always,showing off cars and suits..who told you only people with suits has money..??Leave this guy alone to live his life…….otherwise you don’t impress no one either with yr suits…

  3. Anonymous says

    Donald you can not play in the league of this young man just keep off

  4. Anonymous says

    Empty drums make the loudest noise…and who are you again??? Let me look at Forbes richest people in the world.. Well done Mark. Karibu tena!

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