Confusion Emerges as Men ‘Seek’ 2017 Women-Rep Positions


women representative

An interesting debate emerged on social media Tuesday morning when posters purported to be of two men seeking Women Representative positions in Bungoma and Kajiado were unveiled.

The conversation boggled the minds of many who highlighted that the much awaited 2017 General Election could just be full of drama.

A section of the public noted that it was ridiculous of the alleged men to vie for the position which is meant to be occupied by women.

However, others opined that it was not an absurd phenomenon as there were no restrictions in terms of gender.

Nonetheless, according to the Kenyan Constitution, the position is titled the Woman County Representative hence designating it for the female.

“The National Assembly consists of forty-seven women, each elected by the registered voters of the counties, each county constituting a single member constituency,” Article 97 of the Constitution reads in part.

Women representatives have the role of promoting the interests of women and girls within their counties.

They are involved in coming up with laws and policies to uplift the women and girls. Through parliament, they should lobby and advocate for equal treatment and opportunities for the women and girls.

Here are the tweets:

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Constitution apparently doesn’t restrict the woman rep to women only. Sarakasi za 2017 are on. Men getting in

The position is Woman Rep. Designated for Women. Not women’s Rep meaning representing women. Everybody read Katiba! 

@KResearcher Expect the worst form of skulduggery as political opponents try to discredit each other. Kumbuka the personalised condom packs?

@KResearcher maybe they don’t understand…. It looks like they are saying… “Hey, Laydeez”

@Pressuredrop We are special like that,never a dull day in Kenya.

@KResearcher ha ha! Worry not our political establishment can be equally ridiculous. 🙂 but that brightened up my day… ???????

@KResearcher Boss this election, will show us manenos. You wait. Mark this Tweet

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