No more civilization!-Current generation has another meaning of being civilized


Liz N EkaksWelcome to the 21st century, the “civilized” generation. If you have not heard the previous statement before, you are about to.

You may want to believe that civilization is the effective advancement of the society and culture, which is true. But that is not the kind of civilization I’m talking about here, Hello! Our current generation has another meaning to being civilized. Come with me.

A long time ago, I was told, that disciplining a child was almost a public role. An elder would give it to a disobedient kid, sometimes for even not exchanging a greeting. For this reason, the children of that generation would mind their behaviour; not only at home, but outside too. This is only but history , I can imagine how that was.

Whether or not to thank “civilization” is a battle I’m yet to overcome. I don’t know where it came from, but discipline became child abuse and even teachers are at risk of being charged for correcting their students. As if that is not enough, the same “civilization” allows children to take their own parents to court for violating “their rights”. Wow! What a civilized world we live in!

I have seen and heard the young answer back to their parents rudely or even abusively, yet it seems I’m always more disappointed than the offended. The challenge is that when parents cannot discipline their own children, no one else can. We live in a generation that asks, “Who are you to correct me? Even my parents can’t dare! Who are you?” Now this is “civilization”, I’m sorry.

Welcome to the “civilized” world, where respect costs some more respect. Forget about the obsolete world where respecting elders and parents was the default. This generation can fight you with no shame! Saying this is sad is an understatement. It is terrible!

Recently in Kenya, high school students decided to burn down schools for whatever reasons. Let’s be real here. Disciplined students will not even dare to think of that, why? The wrath they would face at home alone could scare them out of attempting it. The punishment to be received from school too could not allow them to try. It is a big “thanks” to their rights and “civilization” that this and even worse is bound to happen.

Call discipline outdated in the name of civilization, and watch the society rot!

Very soon, the civilized generation will give birth to a more civilized one, and the world will be out of control.
Giving the younger generation too much freedom results in abuse because they do not even have an understanding of freedom itself.
Denying teachers the right to punish misbehaviour is telling our children they can do whatever they want, even burn down the schools when offended!

Well, if parents don’t take it upon themselves to discipline their children, it will end up being a terrible blow to them. If children don’t obey their parents, they will not respect their peers, neither will they obey any other person.

Dear parents and future parents,
No more “civilization”!
It is a parent’s right to discipline his/her child. Love is not giving the child freedom to live how they want. It is bringing them up in discipline; so they will learn to be accountable for their lives, and respect others.

Borrowing some wisdom from the Scriptures,

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

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