Pauline AdongoJeremiah 31:3- I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness. Last Thursday I woke for morning devotion as usual. But the moment I hit the prayer mart, I was overwhelmed by a strong presence of God’s love, God’s joy and God’s goodness. The air or the presence was thick yet transparent. I could touch it and I could feel it.

The moment I touched the air, I heard the Lord say, “Embrace My love, Embrace My joy, Embrace My goodness. Pursue Me out of love”. By this time I was so overwhelmed, switched the prayer to a prayer of thanksgiving . As I meditated on these throughout the day, I realized that God has already given us and will need to do now is to embrace, accept and walk in that which we have already been given.

So this week instead of asking God for this and that; consider switching your prayers to
· Lord I embrace Your joy and thank you for your joy

· Lord I accept Your love and thank you for your peace

· Lord I receive Your loving kindness and thank you for new mercies everyday

· Lord walk in Your protection and thank you for shielding me and for the angels assigned to me

and my household
· Lord I receive Your salvation, deliverance and healing and thank you for freedom

· Lord I embrace Your provision and thank you that I lack no good thing

· Lord I embrace Your Presence and thank

you for the Fullness of Joy in Jesus Name.

This week Embrace God’s love, goodness, Kindness ,Mercies and Joy, Embrace , accept and walk in them. You are in the presence of God. Amen!

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