Rowdy Youth Disrupt Raila’s Meeting in Narok


raila-handsDrama ensued in a rally led by CORD leader Raila Odingaon Friday evening after rowdy youth intruded protesting against the Opposition leader.

The fracas ensued at Dikkir town in Transmara East, NarokCounty where a group reportedly allied to Jubilee coalition resisted opening of an Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) office in the area.

During the ensuing melee a public address vehicle belonging to ODM was destroyed with two people sustaining injuries.

The demonstrators accused the CORD leader of abandoning them during previous regimes especially when he was in the coalition government.

“We want to tell Raila shortly and briefly that Dikkir and Narok at large is a Jubilee area. We trusted him and he failed us. We don’t agree with his ideologies anymore,” they started.

Police engaged in running battles with the irate youth managing to drive them out of the meeting area. Mr Odinga was later allowed to proceed with the rally.

The unfortunate incident was witnessed as the opposition chief concluded his tour of the region where he held various meetings with residents and opened various party offices.

On Saturday, ODM envoy is set to address rallies in Uasin Gishu and Kisumu counties as the party continues to solidify support for Mr Odinga as its preferred Presidential candidate in 2017 Election.

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