Did Diaspora finally find a way to Insure Family members in Kenya ?

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winpanojaGIFDoing business with Kenya while in the Diaspora, can sometimes prove to be challenging.  As a way forward, sometimes Diaspora rely on their family and friends in Kenya to assist them to get things done. Unfortunately, there are still some solutions that Diaspora have been unable to connect through family, especially in cases where information and research is needed.  Diaspora are therefore now turning to private companies such as WIN Pamoja to assist them to connect to services in Kenya.


So what is WIN Pamoja ?

WIN Pamoja is a Kenyan company that is offering a platform through which Diaspora can now forward communication and connect to service providers in Kenya.  Take Insurance for instance.  Insurance is not new to Diaspora, however it has been a hassle for Diaspora to manage their application and renewal efforts while in the Diaspora.


So what is APA Insurance ?

APA Insurance is the provider of the Life Insurance product that Diaspora are signing up for through the WIN Pamoja platform.  This insurance was made accessible through WIN Pamoja in May 2016.


So why is WIN Pamoja successful ?

APA Insurance platform has a very attractive business model that meets Diaspora expectation. It was developed over a five year period and included an intense research, product testing and product development.  With WIN Pamoja, we are now seeing a great spike in Diaspora signup for Life Insurance for their family members in Kenya.  This success rate can also be pegged to the fact that

  • WIN Customer service also offers quality service that meets Diaspora expectation.
  • WIN processes are simple, organized and in compliance to required regulations.  Application and claims processes are completed within 14 days.


About the Life Insurance Product

  • All Diaspora can signup family members in Kenya – not family in the Diaspora.
  • Family includes Parents, children, spouses, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and grandparents.
  • Signup age is before family members turn 75 years. They can remain in the Policy after they turn 75 years.
  • Premium is Ksh 5,000 per person per year. This offers Life Insurance coverage of Ksh 500,000. This price is an entry-to-market Price and is subject to change anytime and with no notice.
  • There are no health checks required for your family members.
  • There is no waiting period. The Policy is effective immediately.
  • Diaspora can continue to keep the insurance policy if they relocate back to Kenya.  Similarly, insured family continue to keep coverage if they travel outside Kenya.


How to Insure Family (10 minutes). 

STEP 1. – Open your personal WIN Pamoja account at www.winpamoja.com. You will need a copy of your Kenya ID/Kenya Passport.

STEP 2. –  Insure family members living in Kenya by signing up their Name and Date of birth onto your account. No Copy of ID is required to insure family members.

STEP 3. – Pay your Premium (Ksh 5,000) and WIN fee (Ksh 500) per person.  Payment is sent to WIN Pamoja bank or Mpesa account in Kenya. Payments can be sent by bank-to-bank transfers, Sawa Pay, PoaPay, WAVE and more.

STEP 4. – The Life Insurance Policy for each Insured family member is delivered to you within 14 days.


WIN Pamoja has given Diaspora access to solution that delivers financial and mental relief.  WIN Pamoja is requesting you to share this information with other fellow Diaspora so they too can receive relief.  For more information contact WIN Pamoja – Email ask@winpamoja.comCall +1-224-484-0146 (USA) or website www.winpamoja.com.

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