VIDEO:The Time Uhuru Was a Junior KCB Bank Employee


Little was known about the life of President Uhuru Kenyatta before he became the President of Kenya in 2013 under The National Alliance (TNA) party ticket.

Despite being the son of Kenya’s first President, MzeeJomo Kenyatta, Uhuru maintained a relatively low profile choosing to focus on family businesses for the most part of his early life.

Kenyatta schooled at St Mary’s High School and cleared in 1978 before he went to the United States for further studies.

After coming back, Kenyatta  – despite coming from a wealthy family – chose to live an ordinary life and got a job at Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) – Kipande House Branch in Kenyatta Avenue.

“I was a teller in Kipande House branch on Kenyatta Avenue… It wasn’t an easy thing but at the end of the day it taught you how to earn a salary… to stand on your own without necessarily having a shadow on your back,” Kenyatta disclosed during an interview.

He worked for a short while at KCB bank but opted out and formed his own company – Wilham Kenya Limited where he specialised in farming.

As Wilham Kenya’s CEO, Kenyatta used his truck to go to Meru and pick French beans before he exported them to Europe.

Despite making good profits in the industry, Kenyatta felt he was missing something in his life.

Uhuru’s family friend Kenneth Matiba had been pushing him to join politics and focus on public service and also follow in the footsteps of his father.

In 1992, Uhuru played a crucial role in Matiba’s unsuccessful presidential campaign. He sold his company in 1994 and focused solely on politics but still had a major influence on family business.

The sale of his business allowed him to concentrate his efforts on the Gatundu Parliamentary seat which he unsuccessfully vied for in the 1997 General Election.

Despite the initial loss, Moi had identified political talent in the younger Kenyatta and groomed him as his successor ahead of the 2002 elections.

After the 2002 elections, Kenyatta focused on building his own political brand – a move that ultimately paid off in 2013 when he became the fourth President of Kenya.

Watch as Uhuru Kenyatta speaks on his first hustle:



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