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Former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth. PHOTO | DAILY NATION

Former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth. PHOTO | DAILY NATION

Former Gatanga Member of Parliament, Peter Kenneth, might soon join the growing list of aspirants for Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat, if he heeds the pleas of Nairobians on social media.

A hashtag #IwantPK4Nairobi has been trending for the better part of Thursday with Kenyans on Twitter urging the former presidential candidate in the last general elections to run for the city’s top job.

Within hours after it first appeared, the hashtag has been shared and retweeted thousands of times to become the number one trending hashtag in Kenya.

Apart from Nairobi, youths in Muranga recently asked the former legislator to consider running for governor in their constituency.

Mr Kenneth impressed many during the last elections when he ran for president with his development-based politics political ideologies.

Here are some of the tweets and why Nairobi residents want Mr Kenneth to be the next governor of Nairobi:

With the things this Man did in Gatanga as their Mp am trying to figure out the things he can do in the City

Peter Kenneth for Nairobi County Governor would be the prescription that the doctor ordered!

but I still count him fit for presidency. He is as Clean as snow and development oriented

Peter Kenneth was ranked the best MP when he served people of Gathanga Constituency. He’ll uplift Nairobi county’s glory

A man with a proven track record in good governance and management



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