VIDEO:Missing Kabete aspirant’s car found riddled with bullet holes


Kabete MP aspirant Charles Chege was reported missing after his car was found with two bullet holes near a dam in Gitaru area on Saturday.

Kabete OCPD Joseph Ongaya said they collected two spent cartridges from the place where the Toyota Prado was found.

He added that two mobile phones which were off were found in the car. They are believed to be Chege’s.

Ongaya said the bullet holes were on the back left door of the car, near the lock, and that the back windscreen had been smashed.

“We are investigating how it was smashed,” he said at his office adding they ruled out gunshots.

Kabete residents hold demonstrations, following the disappearance of MP aspirant Charles Chege, whose vehicle was found with bullet holes, April 15, 2017. /GEORGE MUGO

Ongaya said a resident who called King’eero police station reported hearing gunshots at about 3am.

Officers who were on patrol responded to the alert while those of the crime scene at the DCI visited the scene.

“When our officers arrived, they told us it was Chege’s vehicle and that no one was around. They said there were no blood stains,” Ongaya said.

Kabete residents hold demonstrations, following the disappearance of MP aspirant Charles Chege, whose vehicle was found with bullet holes, April 15, 2017. /GEORGE MUGO

The OCPD said the vehicle was towed to the station and that Chege’s driver was helping with investigations. No suspects have been arrested so far.

Ongaya urged residents to be patient while investigations are carried out. But they held demonstrations at major trading centres saying they had been preparing for Chege’s launch of his manifesto at Kanjeru stadium today.

The aspirant wants to succeed Ferdinand Waititu who is vying for the Kiambu Governor seat held by William Kabogo.

Some of the protesters lit bonfires on Gitaru-Wangige road using old tires and blocked it. Others took the protests to Wangige, Kanjeru, Uthiru, Nyanthuna and Ndumboini.

Kabete OCPD Joseph Ongaya speaks to residents at King’eero police station following demonstrations on MP aspirant Charles Chege’s disappearance, April 15, 2017. /GEORGE MUGO

The people described Chege, popularly known as Chege Fresh, as an approachable, patient and caring politician.

“He is friendly and development-oriented. He has put up street lights in villages and trading centres,” said Michael Njoroge.

Nancy Waweru said: “We are so angered by how he disappeared. We want police to investigate and bring the attacker to book. We want to know what happened.”

Another group of Chege’s supporters demonstrated at the station. Officers urged them to remain calm and submit any helpful information.


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  1. LWK says

    Wow another bloody election campaign season in beloved Kenya. The question how long the govt. is going to tolerate gangsterism. While I never would condone rioting since it is another form of violence, I also and especially do not understand how it is that peopke go missing form their vehicles (disappearnces) just prior to an election. This also happened evidently in 2015 when a sitting MP was killed. I mean why can’t Kenyan police ever get to the bottom of these crimes. Obviously there has been a crime. Are police afraid or just not able to perform their duties for some other reasons. Mr. Chege deserves better than this from the Kenyan govt., which is supposed to protect citizens from these kind of disappearances–especially candidates. This is pure nonsense and if Kenya can’t get its act together, perhaps there should be a regional court involved in human rights cases against citizens such as a candidate who just disappears right before an election. Human Rights NGOs need to be involved if law and order and justice cannot protect Wananchi and candidates.

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