Too Embarrassing! Guy Proposes at a Fast Food Joint,It is Painful to Watch-VIDEO


Kenyan Proposal Goes Wrong In a Public Restaurant: Of all the awkward marriage proposals you have ever seen, we’re willing to bet you have never seen anything quite like what we are about to show you.

A video is going viral on the interwebs showing the moment a guy popped the big question to his girlfriend but didn’t get the response he was expecting.

According to word on street, the incident happened at a popular fast food joint in Nairobi.

In the two-minute clip taken by a customer at an adjacent table, a guy in dreadlocks is seen going on one knee while holding a red engagement ring box.

As if proposing at the least romantic place was not enough, the guy is heard asking his girlfriend: “Will you be my future ex-wife?”

We know, we can’t wrap our heads around that awkward question either.

He swiftly corrects it with the follow-up question: “Will you be my wife?”

All the while, his girlfriend looks stunned and overwhelmed before she tries to make him stand up.

When boy child finally stands up, the crowd joins in as if they are the ones getting proposed to and begin to pressure the lovely lady into saying yes.

Boy child then gathers some more courage, gets down on his knee once more and calls on his ‘fans’ to help him out. What a terrible idea.

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