VIDEO: President Kenyatta gets down to business as NASA licks wounds


NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 14 – President Uhuru Kenyatta made a show of resuming duty on Monday when the media was invited to witness his return to his Harambee House office following his re-election on Friday evening.

President Kenyatta who transacts most of his business from State House, Nairobi, made a point of demonstrating that the work of his administration continues, on the day opposition leader Raila Odinga had called for a boycott.

On Sunday, Odinga called on his supporters to boycott work on Monday to mourn those killed in election related violence.

The government has on the other hand, since the conclusion of the vote, encouraged Kenyans to resume their day-to-day activities with the assurance that they would enjoy the protection of the state.

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While activity was yet to resume full-swing in the Nairobi Central Business District on Monday, the streets were not as deserted as they were in the days following the August 8 election; with signs of the usual hubbub


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