Mohammed Ali hosts President Uhuru Kenyatta in campaign rally (Photos)


Nyali Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammed Ali on Monday hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta and other Jubilee leaders in campaigns, Mombasa County.

The former ‘Jicho Pevu’ journalist divulged that it was a difficult decision to join the Jubilee brigade but chose to give the office of the President its due respect.

Ali said that he attended the rally to assure residents that the Jubilee Government would solve their problems.

“Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta visited my constituency as part of the Jubilee Party’s electoral campaign program. Given the political tension in the country right now, my decision to attend his rally as MP for Nyali was a difficult one to make, but I chose to attend it, and give the office of the President its due respect,” the former journalist said in Facebook post.

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(Photo: Courtesy)


(Photo: Courtesy)



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