Advertisement with Diaspora Messenger

To learn more about advertising with Diaspora Messenger, please contact us! Email
or Call 12404265633.
NEW!! We are now introducing classifieds advertisement,a cheap way to advertise without spending too much much.All classified ads will appear here- and will all have individual pages with enough space to display your products.Call us or email us for more info.

Opportunities & Audience/Audience Demographics

Available AD  Sizes / Approximate Price

TOP BANNER                                              468 X 60
LEADER BOARD                                        728 X 90
PRIMETOP                                                   220 X 90
WIDE SIDE BANNER                                300 X 250
SPONSOR ADS                                            125 X 125

LARGE TOWER                                         160 x 600
TOWER                                                        160 x 600
BUDGET BANNER                                    120 X 240
BOTTOM BANNER                                   728 X 90
BUDGET BOTTOM                                    220 X 90

Download PDF for Available spaces
Custom sizes available by request, contact us for details.


– All creative should be received no less than three (3)business days prior to the start of the campaign in order
to ensure a timely launch.
– Flash creative should be received no less than five (5) business days prior to the start of the campaign to
allow for quality testing of clicktag functionality. Online-Ad-specs.

AD Guidelines

We accept static JPG (up to 50k file size)

Animated GIF (up to 50k file size)

Flash(any version past Flash 4: up to 50k) provided animations are no longer than 15 seconds (ie:no endless looping).

Any rich media DHTML must be user-initiated (click to expand, click to play video, etc.)
– Flash banners should be generated using AS2
(ActionScript 2) for best functionality- To track clicks in Flash, the following ActionScript
MUST be used:on (release) {
if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) = = “http:”) {getURL (clickTAG, “_blank”);}
– Do NOT embed the URL within the code, instead use
the above ActionScript and provide the URL to us.