Kenyan Nurse admits raping disabled boy



Kenyan Nurse admits raping disabled boy

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
A male nurse will serve at least 10 years in a state prison after admitting in Bucks County court in Doylestown Tuesday that he raped a severely disabled 14-year-old boy.
Fred Magondu, 36, a Kenyan national who lives in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty before county Judge Jeffrey Finley to charges of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and related counts. Groans erupted in the courtroom audience as prosecutor Monica Furber outlined the graphic details of the crime.
Magondu was arrested in June following an investigation into an April 30 incident that began when police where summoned to Council Rock Middle School by a nurse who was caring for the victim, who has cerebral palsy and other ailments and is unable to speak.
The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where doctors found injuries consistent with him being raped.
Investigators turned their attention to Magondu, the home care nurse who had been alone with the boy on the morning of the rape. Magondu, who worked for Harleysville Pediatrics, was in charge of dressing the boy and putting him on the school bus.
Police say Magondu initially denied sexually assaulting the boy, claiming he had noticed the child was bleeding but thought it was because of an ongoing physical problem. Tests later showed Magondu’s DNA on the child and his bed sheets and the suspect confessed, prosecutors said.
In court Tuesday, Magondu hung his head as he stood before the judge. He did not testify.
The hearing was delayed for nearly an hour because Magondu at first refused to admit to all the charges. After meeting outside the courtroom with his attorney, John Fioravanti, Magondu entered the plea.
The boy’s father was in the courtroom but did not make a statement. The victim’s parents will get a chance to address the judge in about 90 days, when Magondu is sentenced.
As a convicted sex offender, Magondu will be registered under Megan’s Law for at least 10 years. If he is determined to be a sexually violent predator, he’ll be subject to lifetime supervision and community notification.
Magondu is a married father of three who has been a nurse since 2006. Before moving to Philadelphia in January 2008 he lived in Falls Township. He has no prior record.
The charges Magondu pleaded guilty to carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years behind bars, although a judge could sentence him to as much as 45 years.
Finley revoked Magondu’s bail after the hearing and sent him to the county prison to await sentencing.
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Another Kenyan accused of raping a disabled patient at a nursing home in Washington

June 24, 2008 7:16PM CDT

A Kenyan Certified Nursing Assistant, Joseph Thurura, 31, of Kent, Washington, was arrested today and has been charged with second degree rape after the 44-year old physically and mentally disabled woman under his care suffered a miscarriage in March. A DNA test of all the men that came into contact with the woman proved Thurura’s probable paternity by an accuracy of 99.99%.

Thurura cared for the woman at the Integrated Living Services in Kent, Washington. Kent is 20 miles south-east of Seattle, Washington.

Prosecutors are pushing for sentencing beyond the 6-8 year maximum sentence for this type of case. Bail has been set at USD$250,000 and Thurura remains behind bars this afternoon. He will be arraigned July 2nd.

This comes barely two weeks after Fred Magondu was accused of a similar crime in Pennsylvania and about two months after Joseph Njonge was accused of murdering an elderly woman under his care when he worked as a CNA in Washington state.

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Kenyan male nurse charged with raping boy
A Kenyan nurse caring for a physically and mentally impaired 14-year-old Bucks County boy is accused of raping the teen in April, according to police.
Fred Magondu, 36, a Kenyan national living on King Arthur Road in Philadelphia, was taken into custody at a Philadelphia nursing home Thursday afternoon and later arraigned on charges of molesting a child who was in his care.
Police said they learned of the rape April 30. The boy receives 24-hour nursing care because he is mentally and physically impaired, unable to speak and blind, police said. According to court records, another individual care nurse, who has been caring for the boy for about nine years, discovered injuries to the boy when she attempted to change his diaper after he arrived at school April 30.
The boy was first examined at St. Mary Medical Center in Middletown and then transferred to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Doctors at both hospitals told police the boy was bleeding and bruised.
Police learned that Magondu, a Harleysville Pediatrics employee who has been caring for the boy for several months, was working at the victim’s home from April 29 to 30. Magondu was allegedly alone with the boy from 5 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. before putting him on the bus to school, police said.
Investigators interviewed Magondu in early May at an unnamed Philadelphia nursing home where he works, according to court records. Magondu said that on April 30 the boy had been bleeding but the nurse believed it was a physical problem and had changed a set of soiled linens. Police collected a sample of Magondu’s DNA and the boy’s bed linens and sent them to National Medical Services for analysis.
In a report to police June 6, the laboratory said the linens tested positive for semen that matched Magondu’s DNA and that the possibility of it being from another unrelated person was 1 in 7 trillion, according to court records.
Magondu was arraigned on multiple charges of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minors and sent to Bucks County prison on $250,000 bail. If he is released, the judge ordered that Magondu have no contact with the child and surrender his passport to authorities.
Magondu has been a practical nurse since June 2006 and had renewed his license earlier this month, according to Department of State records. Those records list no prior disciplinary action. He also has an expired graduate permit that lists a prior address in Falls. During his arraignment Magondu told the judge he moved to Philadelphia from Fairless Hills with his wife and three children in January. He has no prior criminal record in Pennsylvania, according to state records.




Kenyans triple murder: New twist as detective is arrested
Story by BMJ Muriithi- kimmediagroup
Exactly one year since a Kenyan mother and her two daughters were murdered in their Powder Springs, Ga. home, police have openly admitted that no progress has been made in their investigations. This development comes even as details began to emerge that the detective investigating the murders has been arrested and charged with perjury over a separate matter.
And in a related development, the family of the late Jane Kuria is now appealing for the intervention of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to help unravel the mystery. Speaking to the press shortly after a recent memorial service, Family spokesman Mr Waira Kamau said that the slow progress or lack thereof was very frustrating. “This last year has no doubt been the most difficult for us as a family. I also know that the Kenyan Community here has stood with us all through, asking the same Questions we have been asking”, he said. Mr Kamau added that he was confident that one day, the culprits will be brought to book.
In response to a question by this reporter, who sought to know whether there was disillusionment and a general feeling within the Kenyan community that the police were not giving the matter the seriousness it deserves, Mr Kamau said: “We have no reason to doubt the competence and credibility of the Powder Springs or Cobb County Police Departments in dealing with this matter, however, we do feel that if they could move a notch higher and enlist the help of FBI sleuths, this would hasten the pace of these investigations”. Pauline Thande, a sister in law to Jane Kuria, said that the year has been a long one while Lucy Wanjiku, another sister in law, appealed to anyone with any information to step forward. “All we need are answers”, she said as tears freely rolled down her cheeks.
The low keyed but somber memorial service was held at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Dallas Ga. It was conducted by Father Adrian Pleus who described the late Jane Kuria as “easy to love, a caregiver and someone with deep belief in her faith”. It was attended by family members, friends and relatives. Conspicuously present was Peter Thande, the eleven year old boy who, together with his cousin Jeremy Kuria, was seriously injured in the attack.
But even as the family was expressing its frustration, it emerged that the lead detective who has been issuing Press Statements to this Newspaper – sometimes assuring the readers that significant progress is being made in the matter – has been relieved of his duties. Det. William Charles Hewell was charged with violating the oath of office after anomalies were detected in the way he handled an investigation. According to Powder Springs spokeswoman, Detective Kelly Gobley, the felony charges stem from the manner in which the detective handled the investigation of an aggravated assault and home invasion case against one Shawn Mosley in February of 2007. In a press statement, Powder Springs police Chief Rick Richardson confirmed that detective Hewell had been served with termination papers.
Two Kenyans who spoke to KEN on condition of anonymity expressed concern that the detective’s departure could adversely affect the pace of the investigations. But in a quick rejoinder, the head of Powder Springs Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Leutenant Mat Boyd, sought to assure the public that Hewell’s departure would not affect the Kenyan triple murder investigations. He however appealed to anyone with any leads to contact him in confidence on phone numbers 770-943-1616 and 770 499 3945. Anonymous callers may also dial 678-567-2490 or (1888) 322-8884.
The badly battered remains of Jane Kuria, 45, Isabella Kuria, 19, and Annabel Kuria, 16 were discovered in their house on the morning of August 1st last year. Following the shocking attack, Kenyans – both in United States and Kenya – have been waiting with bated breath for information on the apprehension of the perpetrators of the heinous crime. One year later, the waiting continues.
(BMJ Muriithi is an Atlanta based Photojournalist and a student – Communications Major – at Atlanta Metro College. He can be reached via email at [email protected]


14 Kenyans probed over fake US degrees


By Samuel Otieno


Fourteen Kenyans are among 10,000 people being investigated by security agencies in the US for buying fake degree certificates with which they have acquired key jobs, including in the military.
The Kenyans under investigation, alongside other foreigners, are now staring at long jail terms if found guilty, deportation or humiliation among peers and family when they return home. In total, the suspects being investigated spent a staggering Sh500 million ($7.3m) to acquire the fake documents.
The Kenyans under investigations are Amunga Justus Mully, who bought an MBA, Aseno George Onyango (BA), Gitau Patrick W (BA), Kirusara Mwandi Patrick (BA), a Mohammed (BA) and Muriithi Andrew Njeru (BA).
Others are Oluchiri George (DBA), Omollo Joseph Odindo (BBA), Omukaba Martin (BS), Omukuenyi Hassan Nathan (BS), Omuluba Martin (BS), Ongunya Vitalis Omanyo (BBA), Oyer Omoro William (BBA) and Wachira Jenard Leo (MBA).
The revelations put the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) on high alert and it told employers to be on the lookout over the influx of foreign degree certificates.
Thousands of other Kenyans holding fake degrees have since joined plum jobs back home where they are unfairly edging out competent, locally trained employees.
The certificates, acquired from what are popularly referred to as ‘diploma mills’ in the US, have since landed the fake degree holders on lucrative jobs in America and other postings abroad.
Others have been propelled to promotions in their respective places of work.
Senior Kenyans involved
When The Standard contacted the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC, the deputy Head of Mission, Mr Galma Boru, could not comment on the saga, saying the ambassador, Mr Oginga Ogego, who was the only one who could speak on the matter, was in a meeting.
The most shocking revelation of the scandalous intellectual fraud is that some senior Kenyans, including politicians, have been decorated with fake papers where some are being referred as ‘doctors’ and ‘professors’.
The 14 Kenyans under investigation, some holding what are supposed to be respected Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree certificates, are among hundreds of people working in the US military, government and education sector.
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula said the Government was not aware of the matter, but had launched investigation to establish the details of the scandal.
At the same time, Education ministry’s Director of Quality Assurance and Standards Enos Oyaya declined to comment over the matter.
“I do not comment on issues over the telephone because I must refer to the policies and I am outside the office now,” Oyaya said when reached on the telephone.
However, the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) said it only equates diploma and certificates offered by other examination boards outside the country.
“The certificates and diplomas must be from an accredited examination body authorised by the law,” said Knec Chief Executive Officer Paul Wasanga.
According to the US Department of Homeland Security, the suspects are being investigated for buying counterfeit degrees from colleges and universities or bogus degrees from non-existent online high schools, colleges and universities.
Normally, the US Homeland Security does not release information on cases it is investigating. It is now considering pursuing charges against about 300 US federal employees who bought bogus or counterfeit degrees.
Investigators are considering using a federal law that allows them to charge individuals who fraudulently obtain credentials giving them access to jobs in US government facilities.
An official at the US Embassy in Nairobi said they had not been notified over the investigation and referred The Standard to the Kenyan embassy in Washington and the Department of Homeland Security in the US.
“Anything like that is usually handled by the Homeland Security and we would have no idea if it is not released to us,” said Mr T J Dowling, counsellor for public affairs at the embassy.
But reached in Seattle on Monday by a US Internet newspaper, Spokseman Review, Homeland Security Spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said: “We are aware of this issue, and we will take the appropriate action. But because it’s an ongoing investigation, I cannot discuss the specifics with you at this time.”
The revelations raise concern over the number of people who process such certificates and use them to acquire jobs in Kenya and abroad.
Ms Eliza Chege, an assistant secretary with the Commission for Higher Education, said: “Employers have become cautious of the new trend of seeking higher education in foreign institutions. That is why they must come and verify with us.”
Chege said the Teachers Service Commission was their regular customer since many teachers had resorted to further studies to earn promotions and higher perks.
She said the commission examines the content of training programmes Kenyans obtain abroad.
This, she said, was to equate the content and achievement levels with those in the local university system.
“To this effect, the commission has guidelines for standardisation, equation and recognition of degrees and diplomas,” said Chege.
The complete list of buyers, which the US Department of Justice has refused to release to the public, was obtained and published by The Spokesman-Review.
“There are people in high places with these degrees, and only one of them has been charged with a crime,” a source familiar with the list told the Spokesman-Review, an online paper celebrating its 12 anniversary this year.
A preliminary analysis of the list by the paper shows 135 individuals with ties to the military, 39 to educational institutions and 17 employed by government agencies.
The numbers were derived from e-mail addresses that are part of the list obtained by the newspaper.
However, the exact number of people with ties to the military, government and education is believed to be far greater because many buyers used personal e-mail accounts.
Eight people who set up and operated the Diploma Mill, including ringleader Dixie Ellen Randock, were indicted and convicted of federal crimes.
The conmen sold thousands of counterfeit degrees and transcripts from legitimate colleges, and phony degrees and transcripts from non-existent online universities and schools.
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