The power of influence: How can we increase our influencing power

The power of influence: How can we increase our influencing power
By Josephine Kamanthe
More often than not, the success of an individual depends on the help and co operation of other people. One may be well endowed with skills and competency to do a great job, but if you don’t have the support or back up of the people who you will affect in the course of execution, the idea gets run down sooner or later. It is therefore important for us to engage the support of our colleagues, whether in class, in workplace or that youth group you are in. Support is needed from the least, to the decision maker. However Influence can be good or bad. Bad influence gets recognized for all the wrong reasons.
How can we increase our influencing power?
1. By building a network of supporters and potential helpers. These may be by group of friends, your colleagues at work or your neighbors in the village/estate.
2. By forming a lifelong habit of forming partnerships and alliances through a genuine interest in the people around you.- People always appreciate a sincere person, if you are willing to take one minute say sincere hallo and listen to a colleague, you will most likely be in their favor.
3. Being confident and relaxed around people. – People look at you as you are looking at yourself. If you think you can’t convince somebody to do a thing. Then nobody will be convinced no matter how much you try.
4. be aware of your environment and social behaviors. This will help you in fitting in the team, understanding them and seeing things from their view point. They will be more receptive if they realize you know them.
5. Accepting everyone as an equal member. People hate it when they are looked at as “junior fellows in the team” hence the more important you treat your colleagues, the better for you!!!!
Have an influential day


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