When cultural & moral decay hits a community


When cultural & moral decay hits a community.
By Isabela Mwango

Isabella Mwango

The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it. (Source unknown)
Our travels to lands far from home can be tales of joy, tears, pain and grief depending on the circumstances that led to us migrate to our country of current resident. The idea of living in a country with foreign ideas and cultural differences in our early arrival days motivated us to either finish school and leave or work round the clock buy land and property and go back to settle in our mother country. We all had different motives, reasons and desires to be met in our new found home abroad. Some of us had short term goals and long term goals; we had values that aligned with our goals and principals in present and future life. There were things we saw or heard with our God fearing eyes and ears shortly after we arrived that ignited the fear of God in us and drove us to our knees. When we saw murder on TV we thought it’s something that happens in other cultures or among certain people who were unrelated, with who we shared neither tribe nor nationality. Lately things have changed. There has been a high number of reported deaths in our community, sickness, divorces, fighting’s, churches warring against each others, individuals warring against one another, immorality and many more problems . Our moral and spiritual decay are cause and the root of all these problems
When this happens, there is chaos, mistrust, pain, fear of the future, hopelessness and despair “The values of a society derive over its spiritual and moral foundations. When those foundations are destroyed a vacuum exists and people can be manipulated according to the ideology and power ambitions of ruling elites.” What has changed that has led to both moral and cultural decay in our community? We embraced the culture we once looked at with eyes of fear and wonder, the culture we once condemned has become our culture, we no longer see the shortcomings of the culture we are in, instead we want it more than the people of the land. We abandoned our fear of God, and invited the fear of man, the God who we once feared, adored, prayed to has become our self made god, who does what we tell him, moves when we ask him to, shrink when we want him to. The god then we replaced with our God does not talk nor does he hear.
Before a community’s moral and cultural decay occur the following conditions must exist:
1: Spiritual decay, this begins in our individual homes, where a family that used to gather at the end of the day to read scripture and commit the night to the hands of God, ceases to do so because they no longer have time , a home where anything that threatened the unity of a marriage was counter attacked by prayer and fasting but is now met with the “D” word, by simply saying “we are in America”. This statement should be replaced by ” we are Kenyans in America” because you come to realize that America is a nation that also has its own cultural and moral problems that cannot be used as a standard against the word of God. You’ll even find that in a home where children abided by the rules of the house we have lowered our expectations in fear of losing them.
2: Family & individual values decay: As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live (John Paul II) when our family’s moral values started decaying the church, followed, there are divisions in the Kenyan community churches countrywide, the family fighting’s moved to the church, the immorality and the greed in our homes followed to the church. If our family’s values are not in alignment with moral values and principals found in the word of God, this will affect the way we live and run our families, we have to have right motives, set priorities to live by commit to seeing this practiced and exercised. A strong family unit attracts a safe, positive and supportive environment where children, parents and extended family members can all be mentored, nurtured and encouraged to thrive. They are able to utilize the available tools & resources to live together in unity. Also in a strong family unit, there has to exist a laid principal on solving discrepancies which must also exist due to our own individual personalities. We have to know that disagreements do not make us enemies, when things seem to get out of our set problem solving skills it is ok to seek help from outside. We come from a culture where we tend to hide our problems to appear strong and happy, but this builds up and finally erupts as volcanoes that leave no room for restoration.
This task rests with the Kenyan Christians who believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and who recognize God’s Lordship over the earth and all who dwell in it. The responsibility of restoring decaying cultural moral values has been given to the church. The “Kenyan church in America & abroad” the Kenyan within your state, when Paul wrote to the Corinthians’ he addressed then as the church of Corinthians’, the Ephesians church, etc. So what is God saying to the Kenyan church in America?” He is saying that we are called by his name to humble ourselves and pray and seek his face and turn from our wicked ways, and then he will hear from heaven, will forgive our sin and will heal our community.
Where do we begin? We begin with the spiritual leaders of this community. Let us ask ourselves is a community, is God trying to say something to us?
To be continued next week.
Evengeslist Isabella Mwango

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