A week of declarations

A week of declarations


Ruto leads "operation Karibu nyumbani"for IDP’S


By Anderson Ojwang’
Leaders in the Rift Valley meet this week in Nairobi to discuss how to resettle IDPs.
Agriculture Minister William Ruto and Rift Valley PC Hassan Noor said this would be first in a series of meetings by ministers, MPs, civic and religious leaders, and the Provincial Administration to speed up ‘Operation Karibu Nyumbani’.
"We are committed to giving the IDPs a chance to restart their lives and the leaders are in agreement that all Kenyans should live peacefully," said Ruto.
He said he had spoken to MPs Mwangi Kiunjuri and Lee Kinjanjui and have agreed on the concept and modalities.
He said the first operation was a success in Sugoi in Eldoret constituency, where the host community helped their neighbours move from the camp to their farms.
Heal wounds
Noor said the neighbours would go to the camps to welcome back the IDPs.
"The host community will go to the camps, identify their neighbours and provide them with security," he said.
Ruto said last year’s Government effort under the Operation Rudi Nyumbani was not enough.
"I want to declare here that leaders from Rift Valley have launched Operation Karibu Nyumbani to heal wounds of last year’s skirmishes," he said.
Ruto said this year, all IDPs should return to their farms, engage in farming and live peacefully with their neighbours.
Special Programmes PS Ali Mohamud at the weekend announced that the Government would close all IDP camps by the end of this month.
He termed the resettlement successful, saying the only camps remaining were in Molo and Uasin Gishu districts.
Speaking to civic leaders from Rift Valley at his Sugoi home, Ruto said leaders were committed to giving Kenyans a new Constitution that would foster peace and unity.
Source-The standard

Ruto, I’m ready to face tribunal

Sunday, 28th December 2008
By Dedan Okanga

Agriculture Minister William Ruto says he is ready to face the Special Tribunal on post-election violence to redeem his image.
The Minister, who spoke when he hosted thousands of his constituents to a lavish homecoming party at his Sugoi home in Turbo Division, said his political detractors had maligned his name.
"What happened in January was caused by leaders, supported by the Press and cheered on by their supporters," said Mr Ruto.
He challenged political leaders to take responsibility for what happened instead of narrowing the blame on individuals.
Ruto asked his constituents to brace themselves for tough times, as the truth would come out.
"What will come out will redeem the leaders from the region from some of the negativity that has been attached to them due to the post-election violence," he said.
Present were Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa, Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany) and Peris Simam, Eldoret South.
Ruto reiterated that the violence was spontaneous and was not planned as was being bandied around.
"The protest was mainly from the youth who had witnessed the bungled electoral process and were intent on making their views known," he said.
He added: "We want the President to reconvene Parliament early so that we face this tribunal and shame the devil together with the few false witnesses."
Source-The Standard

Ruto blamed for high food prices

Tuesday, December 23 2008

Maize matters: Agriculture Minister William Ruto (background), National Cereals and Produce Board Regional Manger, Eldoret Depot, Jonah Marindich (left) and depot managers during a meeting at the National Cereals and Produce Board, Eldoret depot.

Agriculture Minister William Ruto has been blamed for the soaring food prices.
The abrupt increase of the price of a bag of maize from Sh1,300 to Sh1,700 triggered the high cost of maize flour, Naivasha MP John Mututho said.
“What parameters did the minister use when increasing the price of a bag of maize?” asked the MP adding the minister should quit.
Speaking in Gilgil, the MP said commodity prices are dictated by demand and the supply curve, or an improved economy.
The move by the minister, said the MP, was likely to trigger inflation, further pushing the prices of essential commodities to an all time high.
He blamed maize shortage of on a cartel that was allowed to buy the cereal at low cost only to sell it for a fortune.
He said some cartel and brokers caused artificial shortage and were now reaping huge profits at the expense of farmers.
“I urge the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the issue and tell us who are these people behind the artificial maize shortage,” said Mr Mututho
The MP said it was wrong to negotiate with the millers over the prices of wheat flour and leaving out farmers.
The MP described Mr Ruto as an able politician and asked why he had failed to stamp his authority in the ministry.
Meanwhile, cheap maize flour supplied by the Government is now being sold at a higher price than recommended in Taita district.
Consumers are buying the 5kg packet at Sh190 instead of the government price of Sh130 in Voi town.
Make a kill
Consumers expected to buy the flour from the National Cereals and Produce Board store in Voi but were surprised when supermarkets seized the opportunity to make a kill on the subsidised price.
Mr Charles Mwadime, a casual worker in a garage in Voi town said the cheap flour had not reached people in rural area.
Source-The Nation

Bull’s-eye: Waki nightmares persist

PM differs with Ruto on Waki report

Wed, Oct 22, 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga says that controversial sentiments by cabinet ministers and members of parliament on the Waki report are individual opinions and not the government’s official position.
Odinga on Wednesday reiterated that the government is committed to fully implementing recommendations of the Waki report.
He however says Kenyans will ultimately be the ones to decide on how best justice should be served on those adversely mentioned in the report on post election violence to ensure that the country does not regress to violence in the future.
On Tuesday Agriculture Minister William Ruto dismissed the Waki report, saying it lacked substance.
Ruto said the report was done in a shoddy manner and missed the point.
Ruto said what was required was a quick way to resolve post election violence which he said was "no violence of ordinary manner".
"And worse they have come up with some envelope which they have already discounted by sating those named may not be necessarily guilty. This will put the country into more anxiety", he added.
Ruto suggested that cabinet meets to discuss the report and determine the way forward.
However Odinga has maintained that the government will implement both the Waki and Kriegler’s report into last year’s disputed elections to end the culture of impunity, intolerance and cycle of violence.
Speaking on Tuesday in Narok, Odinga said the law should be allowed to take its course and perpetrators of the post election violence dealt with.
"The verdict is now out. The truth has been said and it is now time to face it by implementing the report", he said.
During Kenyatta Day celebrations on Monday President Mwai Kibaki said the findings of the commission will be used to build a stable, cohesive and integrated society whose institutions protect freedom and liberty of Kenyans wherever they chose to work.
Meanwhile human rights organization Release Political Prisoners Trust maintains that the Waki report should be comprehensively implemented.
The human rights lobby group says it is unfortunate that some political leaders have already trashed the report as a sham and a waste of time, before the country even knows the key perpetrators of the post election violence.
The Non Governmental Organization notes that the report captures the country’s culture of impunity and political sentiments that have perpetuated tribalism in the country since colonial days.
The group says many Kenyans are still languishing in prisons while others have died due to electoral related violence early this year.
"The culture of impunity must therefore be halted through the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the proposed tribunal. We also back the total overhaul of the police force and security system in the country", the group says.
The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) is also calling for the urgent implementation of recommendations of the Waki and Kriegler reports.
However, KNUT National Treasurer Fred Ontere wants leaders to exercise caution when implementing recommendations of the two reports into the post election violence.
He says leaders should ensure that the country never again degenerates into the violence witnessed in the country earlier this year.

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