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Help Karimi family with immigration funds needed

Dear families and friends,
You are co-cordially invited to a FUNDRAISING DINNER with entertainment, raffles, and auctions galore to lend a helping hand to the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Karimi.
The Karimi Family has been fighting a tough immigration battle for a longtime and recently they got some good news from their attorney. They are humbly requesting the community, family and friends to help them raise the legal and application fees that are needed urgently of $12,500.00 for this family of six.
Venue: Spring Hill Lake Recreation Center,
6101 Cherry wood Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770. (301 3972212)
Date: 10/24/2009
Time: 4 pm to 8 pm
We look forward to your support.
Karimi fundraising committee.
Joseph Mecha 301- 905 -7677
Apostle Baraza 301-712-2572
Henry Mungai 202-340-5839
Jane Obutu 301-529-6449
Pius Kiilu 240-645-2380
Ezra Karimi 202-375-3421
Grace Sebo 202-271-1860
Jane Karimi 202-390-1254

Please help Susan Hinga

Susan Hinga from Kansas City had been admitted to the hospital since June 26th to August 11th suffering from arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that led a stroke on her left side. She is in need of funds in order to pay for her hospital bill of $ 130.000 and an on going clinic that is costing her $ 150.00 per doctor’s visit. She would wish to request friends to assist her and contribute what they can. Thanks for all your prayers and support.



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 35403733401





TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1-913-963-2777

Rhoda Maina-Appeal letter

Hello good people,

I hope you are all doing well in this New Year. Unfortunately I am not. As most of you know I have struggled with my health for a couple of years now but have managed to be pretty stable for most of the time. However, in the past year my condition has deteriorated greatly. What happens with autoimmune diseases such as Lupus/Scleroderma which is what I have is that the body attacks itself & can target any organ. For me it has been my digestive system. Last year I was hospitalized 6 to 7 times due to severely inflamed intestines. As a result I have lost a lot of weight and my body is unable to absorb nutrients. In addition, I am barely able to eat because of severe nausea, pain, and an inflamed digestive system which simply cannot be able to cope with the enormous task of digesting food. I’m very weak and it is urgent that I get relief soon otherwise I might have to be put on a feeding tube to ensure I am getting nutrition. This is a daunting prospect for me; I would hate to find myself in that place.

My last hospitalization was in mid January and upon discharge my doctor told me that the condition of my stomach is so bad that it actually alarms her. This was a very low point for me because she offered no solution. After talking to my closest friends they encouraged me not to give up but to look for alternative treatments. I managed to find a clinic right here in Atlanta that combines both comprehensive and alternative medicine to stabilize the immune system. They would also administer intravenous nutrition- vitamins’ and supplements which would alleviate the deficiencies I am currently experiencing- anemia, low iron, low potassium and magnesium to name a few. I am confident that this treatment would be very beneficial to me.

However, as you can imagine it is very pricey and not covered by the sub-standard insurance I currently have. I desperately need your help and support to enable me to seek this treatment. My parent’s have been amazing through the years and bore the financial burden mostly single handedly. Some of you may remember I have been to South Africa twice and Britain for treatment even before we moved to the US. In addition, my mum is only able to work part time right now due to the demands of my poor health. This is why we came up with the idea to ask you- my friends and friends of my friends to help us in this effort. They have also reached out to their friends and we believe we can reach our goal if we all lend a hand.

Here in the US I have the support of my 3 amazing girlfriends who came up with this idea and who have managed to see me through my darkest hours- they literally would not let me give up!! I thank God for them every chance I get. You can get in touch with either me or any one of them if you have any questions or anything. Anne Muriithi will inform you on the treatment costs and give you information on how to make your donation. I thank you for taking time to read this and for your continued love, prayers, support and encouragement. I praise God even in the midst of this storm for I know he will see me through. God bless you all and I wish for you a fantastic year.


Rhoda Maina.

[email protected]

Rhoda will be receiving treatment at the Immune recovery foundation clinic based in Atlanta GA. The Immune recovery foundation Clinic strives to treat medical concerns from a natural perspective with the least toxic, and invasive and most beneficial means possible.

Rhoda will without a doubt benefit from the integrated approach to health that is embraced at this Clinic. The professionals at the clinic understand the underlying causes of Lupus/ Scleroderma, and utilize integrated medical evaluation and treatment protocols that are not found in numerous medical facilities around the world. Additionally, they utilize state of the art clinical evaluation and laboratory testing methods, both conventional and complimentary tests.

Rhoda’s treatment ranges from $10,000 – $12,000, for a three month treatment, excluding any prescribed out of clinic medications. Depending on her initial response, the treatment protocol maybe repeated for another $10,000- $12,000. We therefore need to offer all and any help we can to make this treatment available to our dear sister.

For our dear friends in America, Miss Rhoda’s bank information, mailing address and the Clinic’s website are listed below:

Account number: Rhoda W Maina

Wachovia Bank, Atlanta GA

Account number: 3000101408074

Routing number: 540505256

Mailing Address: 113 summer crossing, Atlanta GA 30350

Clinic website-

Anne Muriithi,

[email protected]

For our brothers and sisters in Kenya who would like to help Rhoda, please get in touch with either one of the following contacts (Rhoda’s friend or Uncle):

Evelyn Kasiki Mudachi [email protected] 0721 898063

Edward Gachuru Wandira 0722 814276

Bank account details:

Edward and Kasiki

Equity Bank
Mama Ngina Branch A/c No. 0150193501374.

Miss Rhoda Wanderwa Maina is a woman who possesses immaculate qualities suitable enough for a Nobel Prize. She is always filled with love for others, charisma and determination with a strong devotion for family, friends and hard work. I can recall times when I was at my lowest and Rhoda lifted my spirits with the kindest and wisest words, in spite of the disability that she herself was enduring. Her positive attitude and charming nature makes you appreciate life even more. Rhoda’s faith in Christ is inspiring even for any non believers.

She is a goodwill ambassador whose selflessness and devotion for others is priceless. Rhoda is the kind of person who puts others first without any expectations.

In spite of her physical hardship, Rhoda still pursues her hobbies such as reading at favorite café shops such as Barnes and Noble and shopping at chic boutiques such as Forever 21 which shows off her great fashion sense.

Rhoda is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Argosy University, GA. and in spite of the setbacks due to her physical condition, she chose to pursue a blended course where she goes to class and studies online. Rhoda has been in and out of hospital, in fact, six times in 2008 alone, this has not dampened her spirits and thirst for education. She maintains the notion of importance that a college education brings and even aims to get her Masters Degree thereafter, which is even more admirable but unsurprising to those who know her.

The idea to start a fund to help Rhoda was not hers but that of her family and friends who care so much for her, and would not let her give up because of the financial implications. Simply put, it is an idea that came to mind with no hesitation because of how dear and empowering she is to us all. Together we can make a difference in her life by working together to raise what is monetarily needed to support our dearest sister.

Nkatha Kathurima- Oshuntuyi,

[email protected]

I have known Rhoda since I was six years old, but we never saw eye to eye those days; lots of primary school politicsJ. We ended up meeting again in high school when we were made desk mates, it was awkward at first since we had been in different clicks from primary school (LOL) but we soon got over it. We have been close ever since, I believe we were destined to be friends. She is my sister from my other mother; we always have each other to lean on, although she tends to be the smarter and more rational one.

I can’t even begin to describe all her qualities coz it would take too long but one word to describe her is, incredibly strong (I couldn’t even pick one word). She has been through so much; I can only imagine how tough it has been for her and her family. Amazingly, she has remained positive through it all, sometimes I talk to her and she ends up encouraging me when it should be the other way around. I always tell her that she is the strongest person I know, and with every challenge she faces she reminds me what an extraordinary person she really is and how blessed I am to have her in my life.

I am very excited about this new course of treatment; I really believe that it will make her feel a lot better. She has always been there for me and this is my chance to be there for her in whatever capacity I can. I pray that you will find it in your hearts to join us in helping improve Rhoda’s health and ultimately improve her life.

Tanya Ranguma.

[email protected]

It takes a village to raise a child is a maxim often quoted and has remained true over the ages. The belief that a child is the community’s responsibility is the vein by which the African family has thrived. In much the same manner, we are charged with being our brother’s keeper – and in this case, our sister, Rhoda’s keeper. Often we ask what we can do to make a significant difference in this lifetime and we long for purpose. I believe the opportunity has presented itself and we are left with the charge to join together and partner in Rhoda’s road to full recovery and healing. We are charged with taking on this tangible opportunity on the fore front and BE the difference because in so doing we will MAKE a difference.

Scripture clearly states in Hebrews 11:1 that “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen” – faith is a present state and must be exercised in the now. As we exercise our faith God’s power is revealed – it is amazing what a committed community can achieve – let’s try it! Let’s go for it! Let’s reach for this goal to raise the funds required for her care! We can do it!

May we perceive this obstacle as an opportunity after all, “we are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as obstacles” – Charles Swindoll

Christine Kathurima,

[email protected]com

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