A disabled pastor Mr. Odhiambo who started a church for the disabled in Kenya not even in a house but under a tree is stranded in Wilmington Delaware. Pastor Odhiambo  was aided by a good Samaritan, an apostle in America who helped him to came for a visit in the US between 2007-2008.He went back to Kenya after 8 months of ministering with the American Apostle in her church.

The American Apostle had planned to visit Kenya with the pastor and help him build a church for the disabled but sometime last year she was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor advised her not travel. She decided to invite him back to America instead. In the process due to the economic meltdown in the country, the Apostle lost her home, her car and even the ministry. She had to move to a small apartment in Bear, Delaware. She was unable to continue to assist Pastor Odhiambo so she got a motel room for the pastor and paid for it for a period of 5 weeks. She is unable to pay for it any more and she seeks assistance from the Kenyan community. The pastor is now stranded in the motel 6. He needs to get back to Kenya and his children. Some members of Kenya community in Delaware have been visiting Pastor Odhiambo in the motel room and have been paying for his food and board. Apparently he has also lost his rented house and property in Kenya due to the prolonged stay in the US while his kids are being cared for by his former neighbors.
 A fundraiser is being held to help raise the air ticket and get a home for him and his family. The fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday the 10th of July at Gospel Lighthouse Ministries located at 30 Blue Hen drive, Newark DE 19713. Donations can also be sent for this cause by contacting the people below.
Please contact
Veronica: 302-588-5822
Beatrice: 302-465-0675
By Juliet Jules  on Sat, July 8, 2011 at 10:35pm

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