Kenyans in Dallas hoping to invest in Commercial Real Estate


A group of Kenyan immigrants including other African Nations have come together in Dallas Texas and formed an investment group with an aim of investing in Commercial Real Estate.The ambitious project has attracted a large number of Kenyans and the group has grown to a number of 150 members.

Tumaini Investment Group, Inc. (TIG), was founded in 2011 by a group of African Diaspora shareholders, who by faith came together to form and fund this private real estate corporation that will serve clients in Texas as well as USA and Canada in the area of retail shopping centers and Apartment complex development. They combine  individual experiences in wealth management, investment banking, information technology and asset management with client-oriented approach to deliver superior solutions to the clients. TIG is determined to succeed in developing and leasing commercial real estate with a specific focus on retail shopping centers and apartments. Currently, Tumaini Investment Group, Inc. is looking at several opportunities including apartment complexes and undeveloped land for the development of retail space.

Below is a message from the Founder/Chairman of the group Mr.Lameck Siika.

Greetings fellow African Diaspora,  (not Kenyans, Nigerian, etc but Africans)
Please take a few minutes to read my quick remarks of my project in our community called Tumaini – (Hope) Investment Group and why we should refuse to lug behind as a community especially when you compare us to others namely, Chinese, Indians, Iranians, Spaniards etc. When you fully understand something, you’ll embrace it and make a change never to be the same.
In a nutshell: Tumaini-Hope I. G. is the brainchild of Lameck Siika, because I refuse to accept that we must always be divided on Country,  tribal, religion, economical, educational and gender affiliations to the point that we’ve accepted to work as hard to be the biggest boy/girl on the block individually that we cannot get together think big and achieve greatness corporately as a community. After having worked and understood the American corporate concept why must we accept that Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, Pakistani’s, Iranians, Europeans etc are better than we Africans as a community, especially we hard working – weekly fundraising Africans, that they own a vast majority of the wealth in this U.S. A. and we own NOTHING? Look around every corner: Texaco, Shell, quick stop shops, strip shopping centers, Motels such as: Holiday/Laquinta/Budget Inns etc, are 100% owned by these listed groups. In the meantime we are still wallowing in our small, Individualistic, "my Country", tribal (even clan) thinking. Engaging endlessly on what happened in past elections in Africa (regardless of which country you come from), and anticipating on what will happen in Africa’s next elections. So I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and instead of complaining, organize my fellow Diaspora African, countrymen/women of ALL tribes to come together, brainstorm and do something that will forever change our thinking and financial standing vs the other communities. Our children, young people and we grown-ups will be proud for spearheading and ground-breaking what seems to be impossible because of the way we have accepted we are!  

My plan is very simple:  Start with 150-200 "positive" thinkers willing to think outside the box to achieve greatness in just a few years, (we are already at 175 members strong, included are Kenyans, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Ugandans, Zambians and  Malawians).  GOD WILLING…By year 3 to be owners of a vibrant shopping centers and Apartment complexes. In 4-6 years be generating an income of up to $1 million/month ($12 million/year). And in 5 years embark on the next big project e.g. motels, apartment complex etc. Get this one more time: 150 -200 of us contributing $75 a month, ($18.50 weekly) will raise close to 18-20k a month. We’ll then purchase Apartments/develop shopping centers in a growing city or  across USA generating serious income ?? Friends we will have created an inheritance for our kids over the next 5-10 years in a way that does NOT BREAK YOU OR MY BACK – $18.50 a week.  Lets be honest…"Our Kids will not follow us to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda or any African country you and I come from when we retire there, Period!" When they graduate from college, they’ll take this concept to the next level. This is the American Corporate concept that most of us are working in that someone must introduce to our community whose time has long come. We will also refuse to be divided on tribal/individualistic lines like our people at home. My plan is as simple as that People! On the other hand, we will become smart investors instead of big spenders by literally controlling the urge to shop in the sale racks of Foley’s/Dillard’s/TJ Marks/Ross etc. To stop spending our future in small, increments but not realizing what small savings can do if put to good use corporately. We are possessed in buying fancy gadgets,  clothes,  loaded cable TV’s, Internet at home and on our cell phones, Gus guzzling SUV’s, we’re living for the present while our financial security as a community does not exist, (Oh, I do understand that individually you and I have done well…not interested in that). I’m I seeing this alone? Lets change our way of thinking deliberately NOW! My goal is for Tumaini-Hope and its shareholder to end at the Wall street traded publicly in a few years and financially solid!

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  1. michae karuu says

    This is brilliant and commedable and personally iam a strong believer in the power of numbers.Count me in and well versed in Real Estate,being a Realtor in the state of Georgia.

  2. MAMBO says

    Ope its not a con game.

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