Minister to quit politics next year


A minister has said he will retire from politics after being criticised by clan elders.

Livestock Development Minister Mohammed Kuti, a two-term Isiolo North Member of Parliament told his Sakuye clan in Garba-Tulla at the weekend that he would not defend his parliamentary seat or run for any other political seat in the 2012 General Election after he differed with a group of politicians in a clan meeting.

“I will not contest any seat next year and you’ll have to search for a suitable person to replace me if you think I was not good enough,” he said.

Poor development

Dr Kuti’s opponents accuse him of poor development and absenteeism from the area.

An elder said a row erupted between supporters and opponents after the minister said that he would quit politics next year.

The minister, who is said to have abruptly left the meeting, said he had sponsored university students, helped others get employment and start businesses.
An elder said the minister would be persuaded to rethink his position.



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