2 sides to every story



Any time we hear of a reported story by either the media or by word of mouth, we have
a tendency of jumping into the conclusion. Usually we blame the guy (siblings, spouse, friend, child/children, neighbor, church member and what have you) who is playing victim.

Based on what we know or used to know of that person and out of sympathy, we blame the other party outright. But are we always fair? I don’t think so. Here is why:

1.Many parents have told the teachers off only to find out that their children were wrong. As a matter of fact its now a known factor that many parents don’t know who their children are.Some of the children and infarct many of us live 2 separate lives.

2.Many innocent people have been maligned and accused for rape,stealing, in appropriate touch only to find out later on that someone set them up good. By the time that truth comes out, someone has spent life behind bars

3.Many of those claiming to have been unfairly treated tend to exaggerate so as to win sympathy

4.If you hear that a person has been fired, hold your horse until you have all the facts

5.Its possible that we hate people or don’t talk to them because of what was reported. How in the world did you get to believe the other person. Know that there are people out there who are have a PHD in gossiping and a sweet tongue of killing people and burying them a live. You have come a cross them. Haven’t you?

Bottom line? Things are not always as bad as they sound when reported. Therefore before condemning the other person by saying that so and so is this or that, please get all the facts lest you find yourself condemning the wrong person.

Again let us remember that there are always 2 sides to every story; I mean all stories without any exception

Pr Birai

Source- http://www.pastorbirai.com/


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