There was drama yesterday morning in Nyeri town when a woman stormed a hotel and ejected her husband who had put up there with his girlfriend. The woman, a mother of five and hails from Kiriti village in Tetu district, said she went looking for her 50-year-old husband after he failed to go home on Wednesday evening. The two were ejected with the assistance of police officers after the onlookers reported the matter.

The woman said she had information her husband who is a bursar at the school had rented a place for another woman. She sai the information was true because she found her husband’s car parked outside the lodging house. The woman wailed as she knocked on the door of the room where the two were sleeping.

The other woman, a bar maid, opened the door brandishing a knife ready for battle. “I had called him (husband) on his phone to inform him about his son who is ailing but he could not pick up the phone,” she said.

The angry wife said that her husband has been in an illicit affair with the woman for three year and efforts by elders to solve the matter have been fruitless. She said she no loner got any support from her husband. Curious onlookers who watched the drama unfold informed the police who arrived in time and arrested the two.


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