1. I would slander God and man.
  2. I would attack like I did Job.
  3. I would put Jesus through temptations after He fasted 40 days, and I would determine even more to come against believers in the last days.
  4. I know everlasting punishment is ahead for me (Matthew 25:41), so I would redouble my efforts.
  5. I would deceive every soul on earth, and keep them away from God.
  6. I would steal their hearts by hindering every believer.
  7. I would plot and plan ways to discourage believers about church attendance, faithfulness and prayer.
  8. I would work against every Christian family, discourage them from tithing and  giving offerings, and I would lie to them.
  9. I would fill their minds with television, movies, magazines, and pleasures, and lull them to sleep that it was okay and tell them they needed a deserved relax.
  10. I would do my best to take over the minds of believers, and put sickness and diseases upon them.
  11. I would declare war on the saints.
  12. Christ warned that I would steal away the Word from them, and I would.
  13. I would keep them ignorant of God’s Word, the power there is in the cross, and the blood of Christ.
  14. I would set a man against his wife.
  15. I would especially plot against the wife like I did Eve.
  16. I would steal away from couples all desire to love each other, talk and enjoy each other.
  17. I would declare war on the ministers, their wives and families.
  18. I would fight missionaries and seek to hinder them so more people would die and go to Hell.
  19. I would fight church leaders, deceive and lie to them, and cause them to fall.
  20. My goal would be to do all these things, because I hate God, I despise Jesus Christ, His death for all people, His resurrection and His coming again.
    Note: When I drag His children down, I have scored another great victory over the God I hate because He has already sealed my doom.

Dave Arnold, Pastor
Gulf Coast Worship Center 
New Port Richey , Florida  34654


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