Often times, when people we care about want to walk out of our lives, we tend to resist it, not knowing that by not letting them go, we are doing ourselves more harm than good. Abraham had to let go of Lot for the promises of God to come to fulfillment in his life. He held on to Lot out of sentiments not knowing that the major hindrance in his life was this same Lot. He didn’t need deliverance or a man of God to lay hands on him. All he had to do was to release that thing in his hand that was keeping God away.  

Something has to give way for that promise of God to manifest in your life. It might be confusing but you have to be sincere with yourself and ask God what it is that you are doing or holding on to that is pushing that promise of God away from you. It is normal to get sentimental over it and try to compromise, saying it won’t affect your relationship with God. But with the laws of heaven, an exchange has to take place. It’s either you let go or you stay in that spot and in most cases, you go backwards after staying in the same spot for so long.

There is nothing as important as what God has promised you. Why hold on to it and do yourself harm. Is it your boyfriend or close friend that is making you stink in the nostrils of God? Is it that bad habit that wants to destroy you before you break through? Is it that place you keep on going to that Holy Spirit has constantly warned you to stop going to? Stop struggling and release it. It might seem like the hardest thing to do but do it. People might not understand but remember, God understands. There are no sentiments when it comes to heavenly matters. The language of heaven is Yes or No. There’s no "well" "but" or "if". You are either in or out.

God told the Israelites which way to go numerous times but they refused. He gave them chance after chance to change their ways and follow the godly way but they refused saying they are safe as long as they run to his temple after they do their own thing. Big mistake because God is extremely patient and merciful but also very diligent in His ways with lots things to do. There is an established time for every heavenly agenda to come to pass and it’s either you cooperate or you get moved out of the way.

Don’t wait until heaven decides to move you away because you’re delaying the many agendas of heaven. Release that thing that God has been laying on your heart to release. It might seem like a lot to let go of, but you will be greatly rewarded. Let that person go! Let that habit go! Let that thought go! Cooperate with heaven and heaven will cooperate with you. Abraham cooperated with heaven and in the end, the promise of God was established in his life and today he is still regarded as Father Abraham.

Your life is too precious to be wasted and cast away.

Bible Scripture: Gen 12:1 – 5; Gen 13: 14 – 17; Jeremiah 6:16 – 30

God bless You

By Toluwalase Kola-Bankole




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