Video-Kenyan woman in Atlanta, Georgia sues for racial discrimination‏

A Kenyan is among four women who are suing a nursing company because they say their leaders wouldn’t send black nurses to take care of white patients.

In the 63-page lawsuit, the women claim Accord Services violated their civil rights. They said the health care company screened their nurses based on their race before sending them to a patient’s home.

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"Before placing someone in a position, I was blatantly asked in front of a group of people what color is she or how old is she," Tracee Goodman said, who is a former Accord Services Human Resources employee.

Another former employee, who was terminated by Accord, told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie about the language she said was frequently used in their offices.

"You could hear something from ‘We can’t use a nurse because they were too ghetto’ or ‘This client doesn’t prefer foreigners’ and ‘Black women are not professional,’" Erika Arnold said, a former H.R. manager.

Throughout the civil rights lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim Accord Services administrators referred to their black employees as "too black, too ethnic, and too old or too ghetto."


Kenyan nursing assistant, Christene Muchene, said a former Accord Services office manager, who is also suing the company, told her why she wasn’t hired.

"She said it was a problem with the race, and they couldn’t hire anybody from Africa or somebody my age," Muchene told Lucie.

Lucie sat down with Accord’s administrator, Freddy Allen.

"I read the allegation, and it is completely false," Allen said at the beginning of the interview.

Allen said they have multiple African American women who have worked for the company for almost a decade.

"All the allegations are coming from a few disgruntled employees who either resigned or we let go," Allen explained.

When Lucie interviewed the three plaintiffs at their attorney’s office he asked how much money they are seeking in money damages. Their attorney quickly interrupted saying they would like a jury to decide.



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