No test drive in Sex

Men are possessive of what they own, especially what they have worked hard for.

Car log books, title deeds and cheque books are safely kept and guarded. Proof of ownership is critical for any asset.

No dealer will allow you to keep driving a car as you ‘test drive’ without paying for it and getting your log book.

No one will give you his plot to try it out and see if you like it when you have not paid for it.

Keeping this in mind it’s interesting how the same men treat the women they admire. Men behave so indifferently when it comes to their women. They behave selfishly. They want to get their hands on the cookie jars before paying for it.


They want to keep test driving the car (read woman) until they are satisfied with the status of the car before paying for it.
They want to till the land and enjoy some fruits before paying for it.

I blame it on the modern way relationships are borne. The professional woman is sitting at the bar on a

hunting mission even though she desires to be hunted. She sits strategically waiting for her catch. Once a favourable one appears, she dishes out a smile and the response is most likely positive.

A few drinks and the second date is secured at a friendlier venue (most likely away from his friends). Under the influence of the bottle the date ends in someone’s bed. This is duplicated a couple of times before the man cunningly vanishes. Calls go unanswered on his phone and the sms’ are ignored.

Don’t be deceived when he tells you I love you and calls you regularly. Because nowadays names like dear, darling and sweetie have lost their usual weight and meaning; these are now common pet names used by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

If he rushes you to bed, be sure he will hunt you daily for sometime but be prepared to be dumped as fast as you were picked.

If he is serious with you let him make the commitment firm and further stamp it by a putting a ring on that middle finger.

This reminds me of the story of Nyama Choma lovers who eat their fill without paying a dime. They sample meat from all the joints at City Market ‘without finding one which is suitable.’ By the time they get to the last joint they are full and leave the market having paid nothing.

If he is not showing you off to his friends you have a reason to worry. If his hands are always in the cookie jar and he has not affirmed his commitment with a ring, I bet its time to run.

By Kagiri  Waithera


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