The Power of First Love


“Never the less I have this against you; you have left your first love.” (Revelation 2:4)

Most of  us remember the first time we fell in love. We remember our first kiss, first date, the place, what we wore, and how nervous we were. We recall how careful we were, how we watched what we said, and how we controlled how we showed our love. Everything was centered on this person we had met and fallen in love with. This is true with our love with the Lord.
Do you remember the first time you repented of your sins and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and be Lord and savior? What did you do to keep the fire of the first love? What did you say to him that kept this fire going? What did he say to you that kept you clinging to him and that got you chasing after him, day and night? What did he do that qualified him as your only lover and friend? What about the only one that you can trust? How did he win your trust? How did he win you over from the kingdom of darkness? Do you long for those days when you went to bed with your Bible under the pillow? What about when you sang a worship song and all you did was weep in passion for him? Or when you sang a praise song you danced like no one was sitting next to you in church or you danced like no one was watching and if they were it was none of their business. You did not care what their opinion of you was because the one you were dancing to is all you cared for. How about when you prayed for long hours, talked to him like he was sitting next to you, cried and you sure rose up from your knees with overwhelming peace that all was well. The Lord is calling us back to our first love. It is my prayer that the Lord will take us back to that place we first received him.
The Island of Patmos, found off the coast of east Turkey in the Aegean Sea, was once Rome’s penal colony. This was a place for exiles. In this place, we find a man who had been banished by the Roman officials, his name was John. Though John was in his old age, the Roman officials must have had a fear of what he had seen and heard. He was one of the disciples of Jesus and could not stop talking about Jesus and his love, miracles, the coming kingdom, God’s mercy and grace, even when it meant going against the popular worship of his time. This was a man who had experienced the murder of not only his dear friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, but also his brother who was also Jesus’ disciple, James. He finds himself isolated and in an island far from fellow believers and cut off from everyone. However, Jesus visited him without the permission of the Roman jail guards. The man who once raised the dead, healed the sick, walked on water and who was crucified, died and was buried, but rose on the third day and ascended into heaven, is now John’s guest in the island. John is supposed to be off limits from anyone, but the King of the universe cannot be limited. He shows up in a vision in which he gives John a message to pass to seven churches. These churches must have been very close to John. There were more than seven churches in Asia Minor, but these were selected because they represented and represent the condition of the church of Jesus Christ in every stage and season throughout history at any given time.
The messages were for the church because Jesus put the church on the earth to be the power of influence and to determine and control world events. The church is the “light of the world” (Matthew 5:14) and “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). The Apostle Paul calls it “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15, KJV). The first message was to the church of Ephesus, a church begun by the apostle Paul (Acts 20:29-31). Each of the letters provides a description of what the church was and what it is suffering from and the prescription to cure each of their conditions. The great physician knows every situation, its cause and its remedy (Revelation 2:1-4, KJV). The first thing you will notice in these letters, which is amazing, is that every church has an angel that guides the leadership of that church and the vision of that particular church. He first starts by commending them for the good works they have done. They have worked hard, preserved, labored, and have not lost patience for the name of the Lord. However, the Lord says there is one thing that is lacking. He says, “Nevertheless I have this against you; you have left your first love”. (Revelation 2:4)
Remember your first love to the Lord, when you first committed your life to the Lord. You had a  fire and passion to do the things we read about in his word. Remember the way you longed and desired to get the men and women of God prophesy over lives, and the faith you had to see the prophecies come true and the word of God fulfilled. Our first love is important in curing the present conditions of our lives and the church because it brings back the fire and confidence. Going back to the first love opens our eyes to see the goodness of the Lord, his good acts in the past and when our prayer requests were answered instantly. It reminds us of when we had peace like a river, when we laughed endlessly, and when going to church was a joy and not a chore. The first love reminds us of when worshipping the Lord was from our heart and not just our lips, and when the songs we sang made sense.
Never think you cannot get back to your first love for the Lord. Jesus is saying we can do it. He calls us to repent, turn away from our backslidden ways, and remember from where you have fallen. He is calling you to repent for your neglect of spiritual things and for being lukewarm and to go back to do those things you used to do when you first believed in him. First love for God overrides any other love. It kills all the desires of anything that does not please God who is our lover.
By Evangelist Isabella Mwango
Founder :Overseer
Vessel for honor International Ministry
685 Glenburry  Way San
Jose CA  95123
San Jose Ca

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