When distance separates love.

At times work, school or other critical engagements sends us away from those we love.

It could be seasonal posting, regular travelling for work or permanent residency away at work, all these affect love. Long distant is bad enough for those dating but worse for those in marriage.

When long distance happens to love birds, the goal should be to make your love grow despite the distance. It is a commitment to ensure that physical absence does not in any way strain or strangle your love. Your aim should be to prove wrong the proverb, ‘out of sight, out mind.’


Your attitude ranks highest in navigating this. There are those who are so sad to live alone while others give up loving long distant. However it is possible to keep your love blossoming despite the distant only that this requires extra commitment and effort.

The battle of life is won easier in the mind and this case is no different. Keeping a positive attitude of that it is possible to remain close and faithful to each other despite the distance helps. Positive attitude keeps you focused to invest more time and efforts to grow your love while trusting your partner to do the same. The beauty about it is that love is contagious and often when one partner puts effort the other is motivated. The reverse is the same. Nevertheless waiting for the other to initiate may mean that none of your makes the first step and your love slowly die.

Don’t sit down and pity party, wake up and explore ways to grow your love long distant. Optimism, trust and faith on each should be your asset. It is easy to imagine where he was late in the night when he failed to pick your call and tempting to think he/she was with someone else.

Long distant loving is often tempted by available love. When your lover is far there is a tendency for someone who is available to fill in the gap and offer comfort. Whereas in most cases this starts with an innocent friendship it often ends disastrous. When he is away is the time to be extra careful with that man who wants to be extra close including his best friend and his brother. Platonic relationships could be your worst enemy when your lover is away.

Constant communication is an important ingredient to growing long distant love. Here is where the old time love tricks of emails and the phone come alive. You will need to arouse the urge to maintain constant communication and kill the laxity of resigning to fate.

Call and sms him/her in the morning, at tea time, lunch time, early afternoon, evening, late in the night and any other time in between that is possible. For those whose jobs allow you to be online as you work chatting online offers you a perfect opportunity to remain in touch.

Your commitment to grow your love should push you to spend extra in travelling as often as possible to be with your love. Endure the long distant bus journey when you can’t afford the flight and for those in a foreign land squeeze your budget to fly home as often as possible.

Whereas the digital love helps keep love blossoming, spending time together physically is paramount and can never be replaced. Relationships are enhanced by relating with each other over time.

When long distance comes between a couple they will need to put extra efforts to remain it touch with each other both emotionally and in communication. Make it happen!

By kagiri waithera

Source- http://kagiriwaithera.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/long-distance-love/

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