Dating is ungodly


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DATING is ungodly, worldly and biblically insane in all its ramifications. It completely kicks the purpose of praying and hearing from God to the curb. The bottom line and reason behind dating is marriage, regardless of whatever definition people give to the word.
 DATING is "random sampling" as G.O will say, because the brother is not just taking her out for fun, he is looking for something. He is probably trying to examine her character or lifestyle on which he will now base "his" decision and not God’s. When it comes to marriage, GOD is very specific. I wonder if it ever occurs to some brothers why God created plenty of animals and asked Adam to check out the one that is suitable for company(Friend) but did not do the same when it came to selecting a wife. Why didn’t God create plenty women and then ask Adam to select the suitable one.
Why did God specifically bring Eve? The Bible says, "a prudent wife is FROM the LORD."(Prov. 19:14). The Bible did not ask the brothers to launch out and select the sister, we are supposed to go to God who will now direct us to the right sister. So dating is not Bible, it is WORLDBLE. COURTSHIP: I’ll use an illustration to explain it. A student who is going to a boarding school will be declared insane if he begins to buy provision and bed when he has not received his admission letter yet. So courtship is the preparation(provisions you are buying) for the boarding school(marriage) and you can’t begin until you receive the admission letter(hearing from God). This is where DATING is not God’s.
When you receive an admission letter, the name of the school must be on top of it, meaning that the admission letter must tell u the school(sister) to go. IF you carry the admission letter for king’s college to Igbobi, they will chase you out. So DATING is not the same as COURTSHIP"






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