London Olympics 2012-Time to cash in


A diverse group of Kenyan entrepreneurs in the UK, excited about the opportunities presented by the summer Olympics in London, have formed ‘Kenya Arrivals and Departure Lounge’ that will see Kenyans in the UK and abroad combining to bring a united celebration of Kenyan culture to the games.

Top on their agenda is to depict Kenya as a top sporting destination beside the usual tourism and agricultural exports.

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The concept has been put together by Sacoma, Water Chariots and Kenyan Entrepreneurs in the UK for a wide local and international audience arriving at the Olympic Park. The lounge is designed to make those arriving at the Olympic Park to experience Kenya in five minutes by enjoying typical Kenya hospitality such as being immersed in a themed environment like the Coastal culture of Makuti style rooftops and life size Big Five game, among other Kenyan traditions.

Visitors will be entered into the Park via sponsored hospitality boats. Among the attractions will be Kenya traditional Luo homes, Maasai homes, makuti houses, cultural music and dances and fruit tree depicting Kenya diverse fruits.

Providing attractions meant to cater for children, teenagers and adults, holiday makers, families, business people looking to have a feel of Kenya and who are potential future visitors. The Lounge will offer its guests and visitors the chance to taste, see, and feel a true sense of Kenya.

"We are looking to showcase destination Kenya during the games as the emerging economic tiger in Africa, with its diverse culture heritage, celebrated tourism industry, wildlife and game, world leading agricultural exports and also to present Kenya’s business opportunities to the world as the hub in Africa for knowledge and business processing, with its improving infrastructure and educated human capital," says the Entrepreneur Innovator, Perez Ochieng’, CEO Sacoma, a UK-based entrepreneurial outfit.

The Olympic Games will be held in East London from July 27-12 August in what is expected to a three-week carnival of sport, culture and special events. All over the city, public bodies, institutions and corporations are busy seizing marketing and commercial opportunities.

The Olympics are a time for the host nation and city to shine while creating a platform for nations to showcase what they have to offer the world beyond just sporting excellence.

Peter Coleman, Director of Water Chariots, said: "Visitors from all over the world will use waterway routes linking east London to the Olympic Park. It will be great to see people arrive by water and be received at the Kenya Arrival and Departure Lounge in a hassle-free method of travelling to and from the London 2012 Games."




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