Top model to launch TV show in Kenya

Judy Karanja, a celebrated Los Angeles based Kenyan actress and fashion model plans a mega homecoming after 10 years in tinsel town. During an exclusive interview with MondayBlues, the actress who has featured in a number of films including a celebrity studded Los Angeles film, Chase — set to premier in US in June — will come to Nairobi next month to launch her TV show.

Inspired by celebrity American TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey and supermodel Tyra Banks, the Kenyan beauty plans to use her media and acting skills to tackle social issues.

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"It will be something totally new in the Kenyan market which will revolutionalise the fashion, music and generally the art industry. I worked with influential people in US and I now want to apply my expertise to make positive change in my home country," Judy said.

According to the 31-year- old model and entrepreneur, besides music and fashion, the show will be a platform to connect and inspire the youth through talent recognition.

"We are also looking forward to engaging with young women and girls through seminars that will offer guidance, tackle teenage problems and counseling programs to help the youth throughout Kenya. You can refer to it as the ultimate showbiz rhapsody.

"We will also empower poor and disadvantaged members of our society, particularly orphans. The show will also offer free information on entertainment issues, lifestyle, politics as well as current affairs," Judy remarked.

Typically, the magazine TV show is similar to the poplar Tyra Banks show.



Mystery still surrounds the death of former Mamba Discotheque and Cultural Centre boss Harald Schmidberger who was found dead outside his apartment in Thailand. Unconfirmed reports indicate the former millionaire committed suicide.

Schmidberger, who had purchased an apartment in Naklua in Pattaya in Thailand, was found dead on the pavement below his apartment block. He was completely naked. Sources close to the foreign investor point out that the 60-year-old man, who had been suffering from cancer, took his own life because he could not afford to pay his hospital bills. Schmidberger’s apartment was located on the 18th floor of his complex and he is believed to have jumped from his balcony.

The reason for his suicide is not clear. Thai investigators discovered boxes of anti-cancer medicine as well as a reminder to pay a hospital bill amounting to 800,000 Baht (Sh2.2m) in his flat. According to the reports, investigators believe Schmidberger was unable to pay 20,000 euros and as a consequence took his own life. Since 2005, the ex-disco king had fallen into enormous debt.

During the 1990s, Schmidberger was a big name on the Vienna clubbing scene, launching the celebrity hangout Nachtwerk with the help of Richard Lugner. The two million Euro VIP club was so large that to make it economically viable needed a minimum of 1,000 guests every evening. The club eventually closed in 1997 with debts of around 600,000 Euros (Sh66.6m).

Schmidberger then went into business with Salzburg based company Red Bull, distributing the energy drinks in Kenya.



Mamba Disco death mystery




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