Drama from Kibaki’s Team in London as former envoy turned away from conference


Monday July 31, 2012 – Former British envoy to Kenya Sir Edward Clay was among several people who were sent emails advising them not to attend a Diaspora investment conference in London addressed by President Mwai Kibaki.

The former envoy had been nominated to attend the forum by Kenya Society Club where he is a member.

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On Monday Clay expressed disappointment at the last minute cancellation of his invitation.

“I accepted the invitation because I wanted to learn how Kenya was promoting its development and investment opportunities to its own people in the diaspora and friends of Kenya and to show support.

I am slightly disappointed, after my registration was welcomed by organizers, only to be turned away at the last moment,” clay said through his email.

Clay became an enemy of the State when he critized the Kibaki government for allowing Anglo Leasing Scandal to thrive. Clay gained notoriety in 2004 for his scathing attack on the Kibaki’s government when he said the “gluttony” nature of senior government officers were causing them “to vomit all over the shoes” of donors.




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