Murdered Venezulan ambassador was living in MP Jonhstone Muthama’s house

Friday, the 27th of July 2012 – New details are emerging about the early today murder of the Venezulan ambassador Olga Fonseca who was found dead at her residence just a few hours ago.

The latest information concerns the ownership of the Runda residence she was living in and which also doubles up as the Venezuelan Embassy.

The house reportedly belongs to Kangundo MP Johnstone Muthama who as, landlord, must now be worried that his property will now become infamous for being the scene of murder. Investigations must now be briskly under way to determine who took away the ambassador’s life.

But whatever they unearth, Kenyan DAILY POST is confident that the MP will find it tad bit more difficult to find a tenant this time around. Who wants to move into a house in which someone was murdered?

The smart money is on the police linking one (or more) of the embassy staff with the murder. This is especially given the widely-reported fact that she had pushed for some of them to recant their statements with the Diplomatic Police alleging that her predecessor, Gerardo Carillo Silva, had sexually assaulted them.




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