Esther Arunga’s Drama continues:The pain of hosting her and Quincy in Dubai


The story and drama of Esther Arunga that won’t go away.Nancy Otieno, hosted Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake in Dubai from January to March, she is now up in arms after libelous and defamatory posts cropped up online about her.

After Word Is ran a story about the controversial couple’s stay in Dubai and their unbelievably, overly inflated CVs, Nancy said, “They asked us who talked to the media, I was so perplexed because we had hidden their arrangements from everyone. We were blamed together with my friend who gave out his car to take them to hospital since I was at work and coordinating everything from work.”

Later a nasty piece was posted on CNN’s citizen report blog, ireport, claiming that she was “a blacklisted immigrant” among other things. “This is what made us start asking what was really going on. On investigating, I found out that the news was broken by ‘Sydney News’. I questioned myself who this Sydney News was, because the grammar was very bad for it to be for a journalist.

When an article was posted by Sydney News again about Esther Arunga and how some Kenyan sycophants were talking ill of them on the newspapers, I knew Sydney News must be Quincy because Esther had no idea about the article. The article highlighted where I worked, and claiming we were talking to the media and that (they had proof) calls and emails were traced to my company. I have never talked to the media, this is my first time.”

She concludes, “It’s just difficult to help Kenyans. I’m sure Hellon went through the same ordeal but his name was already tarnished in the public that no one would believe him.” The couple left Nancy’s home after her husband said he couldn’t house them anymore unless they renewed their visitor visa.




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