British NewsPaper slams the UK over archbishop Gilbert Deya

LONDON, Sept 3 – A popular British newspaper – The Sun – has taken on the British government for harbouring a Kenyan TV preacher who is wanted in Nairobi to face charges for child abductions.

Self-styled archbishop Gilbert Deya is accused of stealing slum kids and giving them as “miracle babies” to infertile women.

“A TV preacher wanted in Africa for abducting children is still in Britain FIVE YEARS after being ordered out,” reported the online edition of the Sun with the headline; ‘Bishop of Peckham ‘sold kids’, but UK can’t boot Kenyan.”

Deya remains in the UK despite being the subject of an extradition order in 2007, which has since been upheld by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Now broadcast regulator Ofcom has pulled the plug on Praise TV, the channel through which Deya raked in cash promising cures for disease.

The South London evangelist, who dubs himself “Archbishop of Peckham”, once claimed he had helped many women “through the power of prayer and Lord Jesus”.

Deya’s wife Mary has already been jailed for three years for child abduction, with 53 sets of parents in Nairobi reporting tots going missing.

Two British women who went to Kenya woke from trances in a clinic to find they had “given birth”. One “had” THREE babies in under a year, The Sun reported.

Lawyers for Deya, 60, claim he faces torture and inhuman treatment if he is sent home. The Home Office said: “His legal team made representations which are being considered.”

MP David Lammy said: “As long as Deya is still here he is free to manipulate and scam vulnerable people.”

When The Sun approached Deya he refused to comment.




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