Photo and video competition to promote the positive impact of migration on development!

This November, the first phase of the EU-UN JMDI is coming to an end and we are doing it with a competitive bang! Since 2008, the JMDI, thanks to the funding of the European Union, has supported migration and development (M&D) initiatives from civil society organizations in 16 target countries, set up and reinforced networks of M4D actors, identified and shared good practices and fed this insight into policy-making on migration and development.  On the run up to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and in order to promote the work of M&D practitioners (that’s you!) and to ensure that your hard work is made visible, the JMDI has decided to run a photo and video competition that will be showcased in Mauritius this November at this years’ GFMD!The first prize winner will receive a paid trip to attend the GFMD in Mauritius and all participants will enjoy visibility at the GFMD where a special area has been reserved for you. Your pictures and videos will also be posted on the JMDI website which is visited by more than 6,000 people monthly.  The GFMD is a state-led process that provides a space to address the migration and development interconnections in practical and action-oriented ways where civil society organizations, national governments and multilateral organizations come together to informally discuss relevant policies and practical challenges and opportunities of the migration and development nexus, engage with other stakeholders, exchange good practices and establish partnerships to reach a common goal through the joint definition of the future international priorities and M4D agenda. We want to give you this opportunity to participate in and benefit from this. Migration is a highly controversial topic and typically receives a bad name in the media as having only negative affects for both host and origin countries.  This is one of the issues to be addressed at this year GFMD and we would like to contribute to showing what migration can do to foster development in both home and host countries.   THE COMPETITION: “Migrants for Development” CONCEPT: In no more than a 10 minute video or one photograph, show us how migrants contribute to the development of both their own country and/or their host country. You can choose to show the ways by which migrant(s) contribute to development by referring to one of the four following JMDI focus areas (the below is illustrative only): 1.       Migrants’ capacities: comprise not only the individuals’ human capital (education, training, skills and knowledge), but also financial and entrepreneurial capital (Foreign Development Investments, trade, remittances, savings, start-up of business investments, purchase of real estate and humanitarian support) and social and cultural capital (networks, norms and values that facilitate cooperation within and among groups).2.       Migrants’ remittances: these are financial flows sent home by migrants and can contribute to creating a more sustainable form of poverty reduction as they can attract additional investment. These major facts tend to indicate that remittances can contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).3.       Migrants’ rights: Respect for migrant rights underpins and reinforces the positive linkages that can be made between migration and development. Protection of migrant rights, both in countries of origin (prior departure) and of destination is of fundamental importance to realizing the full potential of M4D.4.       Migrant communities: Migrant communities are the binding element of the migration and development nexus. In a broad sense, migrant communities include diasporas, men and women migrants, including also asylum seekers and refugees, and related organizations in countries of origin and destination. All offer specific opportunities for the development of countries of origin: migrant communities have invaluable insight into the needs, concerns and means for success of their countries of origin and can provide policy makers with first-hand information about the country migration and development realities.COMPETITION MODALITIES:1.       If you would like to enter the competition, join us on Facebook and enter the competition event to be able to receive competition updates and please fill in the attached form and send it back to us by 1st of November, 2012. (Entries received after this date will not be accepted. Photo entries must be attached in JPEG format. Please do not send us the video in an attachment, simply follow the instruction on the form that will ask you to fill in details of the video, provide a Youtube link where you will have placed your video and give a background story explaining how this particular migrant or group of migrants contribute to fostering development.) 2.       Please help us reach as many M&D practitioners as possible so that they can take part by forwarding this on to colleagues, friends, students, migrants and migrant associations.         DOWNLOAD THE FORM AND START SHOOTING OR SNAPPING!  If you need any further information or have a query, please do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]








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