Convicted Ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Is In Malindi For Holiday; Days After He Was Convicted

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is supposed to be in jail back at Italy, cannot get enough of the Kenyan coast. He is back in Malindi for the second time this year.


Berlusconi arrived in the luxurious Gulf stream5 jet of registration number DEAS landed at the Malindi airport on Thursday morning, accompanied by former Formula One billionaire Flavio Briatore. The two were also accompanied by eight other people who included Maurizio Cicero, Francesca Pascale, Mariarosaria Rossi, Dafni Di Boni, Giorgio Puricelli, Valentino Valentini, Tarak Ben Ammar and Alberto Zangrillo.


Security at the airport was beefed up as Berlusconi and his team boarded the waiting vehicles. The convoy left the airport to the luxurious Lion in the Sun hotel that is owned by Briatore.


The hotel General Manager Philip Chai confirmed that Berlusconi and Briatore were in the country. He said the two together with eight other prominent guests will be staying in the country for a week.


During their stay they are expected to inspect the ongoing construction of Ksh 500 million resort which is been constructed by Briatore at the malindi marine park.


The exclusive hotel whose construction is expected to end by next month will host the world billionaires and personalities. This is the second time in a span of less than two months Berlusconi visited Malindi tourists resort.


Sources said the former prime minister is kin on investing in Malindi. Malindi is usually frequented by prominent personality who include supermodel Naomi Campbell, Formula one player Fernando Alonso and Manchester United coach and players among other personalities

Source:The Jackal news






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