Kenya Diaspora Leadership Launches Diaspora Home Link Service and e-Duka


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Kenya Diaspora Leadership Assembly (KDLA) Launches Diaspora Home Link Service and e-Duka.

Online project management platform and E-commerce Duka will help Diaspora members implement  projects in Kenya-for family, business startup, supervision, community, gift delivery, health, construction and more—without leaving their desk.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA; NOVEMBER 14, 2012 – Kenya Diaspora Leadership Assembly  (KDLA) has introduced the first ever project management platform for Diaspora members. The  service, which commences operations on December 1st, 2012, will also have an e-commerce section called “Diaspora Duka”, which will have a nationwide home delivery component, the first one of its kind. KDLA, which is the first globally elected representative body for the Kenyan Diaspora has identified nine projects to be implemented in Kenya and the Diaspora. Diaspora Home Link is the first one to be rolled out  By simply filling request form.
Users will request just about any service they want performed in Kenya. So far, support requests fall under five broad categories: 1. Helping clients initiate/manage income-generating businesses/projects at home, 2. Helping diaspora members initiate and manage family projects,  3. Helping clients initiate community development projects, 4. Asset /Fiduciary Management, 5. Agency/Representation, Debt recovery.  “No other service has made this kind of commitment to extend the reach of Diaspora members  to successfully develop enterprises or manage family affairs in Kenya.” said  Sarah Richson, KDLA Chair. “Diaspora members want to create wealth at home, but so far there has been no infrastructure to enable them to overcome structural bottlenecks”. “Close to over  $350 million a year that Diaspora Kenyans send home for business largely ends up mismanaged and squandered due to endemic corruption, infrastructure inadequacy, low management skills, weak contractual laws and general dishonesty. The truth of the matter is that the majority of Kenyans in the Diaspora have pulled back from investing in Kenya.”, said Tegi Obanda, KDLA Vice-Chair. Diaspora members  want to protect themselves from costly business expenses due to dishonesty and inefficiency. Diaspora Homelink responds to both problems. The key element of Diaspora Homelink is trust. Staff members and project implementers in Kenya will undergo six months internship training and only those deemed to have acquired the requisite integrity and professionalism will be awarded KDLA certificate in Project management. KDLA has linked up with local universities to source the right candidates.

Diaspora members who want to join the co-op may do so at To initiate a project or to get more info, send request at  The Kenya Diaspora Homelink and Diaspora Duka are owned by Kenyans in the Diaspora through the Kenya Diaspora Cooperative. The Kenya Diaspora Cooperative is the for-profit arm of the Kenya Diaspora Leadership Assembly (KDLA), which is the elected representative global Kenyan Diaspora body facilitated by Kenya Diaspora Development Collaborative (KDDC)




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