Mohammed Ali Reveals why he left NTV and the Politics behind it


Tuesday, the 20th of November 2012 – Investigative reporter Mohammed Ali, fondly known as Moha, has revealed the reasons why he left NTV to go back to his old gig at KTN, the station where he cut his teeth as a young reporter.

The news of Moha’s exit from NTV shocked many commentators because he had been at the station for less than four months. Many wondered why a young reporter would quit such a lucrative job to go back to a station which is a pale shadow of its former self. So what gives?

Well according to Moha it all comes down his principles as a person and his professional ethics as a reporter both which were in danger at NTV, a station which –despite all appearances to the contrary – is apparently held hostage by some powerful politicians who more or less determine its editorial policy.

Ali says he was forced to leave NTV when a piece he did entitled “Msaragambo wa Ardhi” was butchered beyond recognition by some senior editors;

“I did not agree with the way the story was edited to the point of self-censorship. We had done a good and watertight piece but the editorial chiefs ruined it. Worst of all, we had disagreed with the bosses on several occasions on when the story should have gone on air,” said Moha.

Moha added that he went through all sorts hoops to get the piece aired;

“The bosses kept on postponing airing the story to a point where it looked like they would kill it. It was finally aired when I was out of the country and when I looked at the version aired, I was shocked at how the editing had distorted the story. I was even ashamed of having my byline on it.”

After that fiasco, Moha decided that it was better to pack up and go back to KTN than stay at a station which was auctioning its conscience to the highest bidder;

“I returned on November 4 and handed in my resignation on Monday, November 5,” he said,

“When bosses edit and end up distorting your story in that manner, you risk losing your credibility especially with sources that risk their lives to give you information. Next time you seek information from such sources, they would not cooperate because they think you are a fraud. I therefore concluded that NTV was not a safe place for me to continue with serious investigative journalism because the regime there would not allow it.”

Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST

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