Kenyans End of Year Black Tie Ball Dinner and Dance took place in a Allesley Hotel, Coventry, UK on Saturday 29th December, 2012. The high profile ceremony was well organised and it was worthy the value for the money for those who attended. The ceremony was characterised by jokes, presentations, dance, eating, men and ladies catwalk as well as awards presentation which went up to 3.00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Over 100 guests attended the ceremony and the guests themselves presented a catwalk.  It was a fantastic occasion for all in the heart of City of Coventry. More photos and information later. – Photos by George Kinyatti and Joseph Njiiri

A guest Mrs. Rubby Rubia (left) catwalking at the ceremony before everyone joined the dancing floor

Several guests were presented with awards for their silent work in the community. Among those who were presented with an award was Pastor Jane Njiiri (left) because of her Word of Encouragement in the Word of Today section on website. On right a guest from Northampton Mr. Gachuka took the floor to represent men on the catwalk.


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