Shame:Proposal to raise Kibaki, PM sendoff perks to be tabled in House


NAIROBI; KENYA; The Government is this evening expected to table in Parliament a miscellaneous amendment Bill that proposes for huge retirements benefits for the President, the Prime Minister and Vice-President.

Also to benefit are the Speaker deputy Speaker, Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice. The Standard had learnt that the proposals were agreed at following a trade off between the Treasury and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, which now want to be converted into a full time commission.

The commission is in itself divided on proposal to serve as full time. Currently, the commission serves on a part time basis for a none renewable term of six years.

In its meeting on December 7, the commission members were taken through the Presidential Retirements Benefits (Amendments) Bill 2012 that stipulates the current entitlement enjoyed by a retired president during their lifetime.

The President’s current benefits include lump sum payment equivalent to one and a half times the salary for the number of years served, monthly pension equal to 80 per cent of salary, Entertainment Allowance of 15 per cent of salary and House Allowance of 23 per cent of salary.

Other benefits are office space of at least 1,000 square meters fully furnished and equipped among others.

The commission meeting under the vice-chairmanship of Daniel Gout deliberated on the provisions and observed that although the proposals may cost more, the review is modest.

However, the commission sought clarification whether the Act will also apply to the former president who is currently enjoying benefits as provided in the Presidential Retirements Benefits Act, Cap 11.

The committee noted that the Government structures are bound to change with the devolved government and its is prudent to only handle the benefits for existing offices such as Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister(s), Vice-President and Speaker, the positions that currently do not have a retirement package and handle the new offices separately under a different Bill.

On the changes to the SRC Act to have members serve on full-time basis, the commission conceded that there was an amendment that had been drafted by the Attorney General on appointment of the chairperson and members.

Some members of the commission felt that that the proposed amendment will render the non-governmental nominees irrelevant in decision- making given that the quorum provided is not less than half of the appointed commissioners (five commissioners).

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