Video:16 hurt in China Shark aquarium burst

Sixteen people are wounded when a shark-filled aquarium bursts at a shopping mall in Shanghai, sending glass and fish flying, state media reports.

Surveillance video shown today on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV captured the moment a 33-tonne aquarium housing sharks, turtles and fish suddenly shattered at Shanghai’s Orient shopping centre, injuring 16 people.

The giant tank burst with no warning on December 18, sending glass and fish flying into the crowd.

A man, who was taking pictures of the tank when it broke, was swept away by water, the video showed.

Shoppers, shop assistants and mall security staff suffered cuts and bruises as pieces of six-inch thick acrylic glass flew through the air, CCTV reported.

Three lemon sharks and dozens of turtles and small fish were killed in the incident, according to local media reports.

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