Video:It is Official,Uhuru, Ruto formally announce deal.

The race to State House went a notch higher on Sunday as Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto officially announced the coalition deal between them even as the ODM maintained that their flag bearer, Raila Odinga, is the man to beat.

In Nakuru, a sea of humanity thronged the Afraha stadium to witness the historic political pact between TNA’s presidential aspirant Kenyatta and Ruto, his URP counterpart.

They said their pact will foster unity not only in the Rift Valley but the country at large.

The leaders also took a swipe at those behind the integrity case against them insisting that only the Kenyan electorate has the final say on whether or not they can occupy State House.

The two clinched the deal last week in which the deputy prime minister will be the presidential candidate and Ruto his running mate.

To symbolize their pact, the leaders exchanged their branded caps to show their willingness to work together before a mammoth crowd that had turned up at the Afraha stadium to witness the signing of the historic pact.

Kenyatta said they did not form the coalition to fight anyone but to build Kenya. “Nakuru is the birthplace of politics in Kenya. The coalition is entirely created for Kenyans and not a coalition to fight anyone,” he said.

Kenyatta promised a small efficient government, saying that the constitution provides for a county government that makes it convenient.

At the same time, he warned foreigners to respect the sovereignty of Kenyans to determine their destiny at the ballot.

“We as Kenyans have gone through difficult and hard times and we have the solutions to our problems” state the deputy premier.

On his part, Ruto dismissed those branding the alliance as tribal. “The journey to unite the country has started. This is not a tribal outfit. The country needs people who have subscribed to the policy of reconciliation” said Ruto, exuding confidence in forming the next government.

“You cannot elect your leaders through the courts or legislature, but through the vote. Politics should be based on an agenda to take us forward, not personalities or individuals,” he added.

Over 70 MPs attended the joint rally.


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