Wiper endorses Kalonzo as flag-bearer

Wiper Democratic Movement has endorsed Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka as the party’s flag bearer in the next General Election.

Musyoka was endorsed Monday by the party’s National Delegates Conference at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani.

The delegates also endorsed the Coalition of Reforms and democracy (CORD) which brings together Wiper, ODM, Ford Kenya and other small parties.

In his acceptance speech, Musyoka said that if elected President, his government would prioritize transforming the country’s social – economic development to ensure that poverty is eradicated.

He added that his government would fight corruption and ensure national security. He urged the public to register as voters to ensure that they participate in the March historic poll.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said that CORD stands for the same national rebirth ideals like the National Rainbow Coalition in 2002 and faces the same forces that tried to stop Narc dream that year.

Mr. Odinga pointed out that the CORD fraternity will continue with same national good they stood for when we teamed up to reject a bad constitution in 2005.

“We remain the force for good that we were in 2010 when we said Yes to the then proposed constitution, that is liberating Kenya today”, he said.

The PM said this at Kasarani stadium while addressing the Wiper National Delegates conference where he congratulated Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka on his nomination to lead the Wiper party going into 2013 elections.

He optimistic that CORD is a formidable team that will win the coming polls and deliver the Kenyan dream.

Mr. Odinga who endorsed by the ODM last week, likened coalitions aspirations to the biblical story from the book of Joshua, regarding the sharing of the Promised Land.

“Joshua ensured that every tribe of Israel, from the largest to the smallest, was given its fair share of the land and given an opportunity to contribute to the development the nation”, he said.

He said that CORD, will ensure unity, dignity and equality and an indivisible Kenya, where every community, every region and every citizen gets a fair share of the national cake.

“Never should one part of Kenya wallow in plenty while another struggles in want. We must never again have two, three or four nations in one’ ‘said the PM.

The PM said that the country’s Jubilee Year is around the corner and dared the Jubilee Coalition hoping to cash in on this important anniversary to live to the expectations of the Jubilee year.

‘’I challenge them that as spelt out in the book of Leviticus 25:10, the Jubilee comes with heavy responsibilities for the nation and its leaders-Property that had been stolen must be returned to the owners”, he posed.

‘’In CORD, we are committed to these grand ideals. I see men and women of integrity in this coalition that will restore the dignity and honour of our nation, empower our citizens and emancipate them from the stifling hold of tribalism”.

Present were Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula and other key leaders from the CORD fraternity.


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